Our Frankenstein Premieres “The Hunchback Of Hollywood CA” Through Soundwave Brigade

Southern California Industrial Metal band Our Frankenstein has released the Official Music Video for “The Hunchback Of Hollywood CA,”the first single off of the band’s debut record ‘The Sovereign Of Violence’ set to be released later this year. The music video was shot and edited by videographer SE Frank. The video was also directed by The band’s lead singer, Ryan Frankenstein.

“When thinking of the concept for the music video I wanted to create a visual representation of the song. I wanted this video to convey symbolically what it means to desire fame and what it means to be obsessed with Hollywood and it’s culture. This video is a transformation.”

~Ryan Frankenstein

Our Frankenstein arose from the depths of Hollyweird around 2013, the brainchild of Ryan Frankenstein and Ivan Vermillion. A not so typical Industrial Metal band which allows for the creepiness factor while having a heart of pure glamour. Fronted by Ryan this band has captured the hearts of fans nationwide with their brand of hard hitting drum beats provided by Michael Tucker a musician from conception, thick bass lines from Joseph Straza, ridiculous dual guitar influences from Nick the War Wolf and Samwill Slaughters with Ivan rounding out this stellar lineup on keyboards, Our Frankenstein has something for every facet of the metal loving community.

Every member of this band has music in their veins and upon seeing them live, they will invade your bloodstream as well. Our Frankenstein is one you don’t want to miss when you see they are headed to your home town!

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