Years of stage and recording experience can only culminate in a finely tuned cohesive unit. Enter Novarium. With the help of fellow gothic rock alumni, Micah Consylman, formerly of Metropolis Records recording artists, Bella Morte, Novarium released their debut album, “Omicron”. With additional tracking and production at Consylman’s studio, Final Symphony, the band was able to create the perfect blend of dark ambiance, powerful vocals, and exceptional musicianship.
Haunting and poetic, with intermittent moments of energy, Novarium has created a monster that Le Suricate Magazine in Belgium calls “…music that cleverly mixes sweetness and aggressiveness…musically, Omicron is a treat.”

Founded in 2013, The Washington, DC based, female-fronted outfit—vocalist Lisa D’Arcangelis, guitarists Sean Gronholt and Dean Michaels, bassist Eliakon and drummer Dean Anthony— marries the doom and gloom of contemporary metal music with
the hooks of synth leads and string arrangements of its’ gothic counterparts.


Lisa hails from the city of Baltimore, Maryland with a background in dance and voice. Having danced on stages all along the east coast, and even Spain so she’s no stranger to the stage. Lisa came to Novarium following stints in bands such as Nocturnal Ascent and RGP where her lyrical prowess was enhanced by her composition skills on guitar and keys. From ethereal to guttural, Lisa’s voice is captivating and powerful.

Lisa D’Arcangelis- Vocals –

With encouragement from his parents, Dean began playing drums at the age of 5. Inspired by his musical father, Dean also tried his hand at piano and saxophone before being drawn into the rock world with 1980’s bands of the time. At the age of 12, Dean heard rock guitarist George Lynch for the first time and immediately switched from drums to guitar. Almost 25 years later, he has performed with show choirs, recorded several demos with many local bands (on guitar and drums) and shared the stage with many musicians. A self-taught audio engineer, he has also had the privilege of running sound for theatre and musical events. After becoming acquainted with former Bella Morte keyboardist and engineer, Micah Consylman, at Final Symphony studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dean began his musical foray into audio engineering. Currently studying music technology at a college in the Northern Virginia area, he is recording NOVARIUM’s debut album soon to be released. Dean appreciates all styles of music but is drawn especially to classical, blues, jazz, rock, and metal.

Dean Michaels – Guitar, Synth –

Growing up, Sean Gronholt never had much of an interest in music. After a few half-hearted attempts at learning the piano, the clarinet, and the recorder, he entered his teens with little concern for music and even less skill. At age 16 however, he first heard the “Mutter” album by Rammstein and his world was changed forever. Now armed with a burning passion for rock and metal, he spent the next several years teaching himself the ins and outs of guitar, though it would be a while yet before he reached out to join a band. After moving to Maryland from his native California, Sean met several like-minded individuals and together they formed Murder of Trolls, an industrial-metal group which served as a test bed and incubator for his musical ideas. It was in this band that he began picking up the rudiments of drumming, keyboards, and synth programming which he was able to put to use in his solo project, Death Machine Dynamo. To this day, “Mutter” is still Sean’s favorite album, though he’s equally fanatical towards the music of Pink Floyd, Lamb of God, and many others. He uses ESP guitars and Bogner amplification.

Sean Gronholt – Guitar, Synth –

Dean grew up in a family with a musical background. Inspired by bands such as Metallica, KoRn, and Dokken, he formed a Metallica tribute band at the age of 15 and began playing gigs throughout Central Virginia. Focusing on original material, they recorded a demo but the band soon demised. He eventually caught the attention of another local act and was soon opening for large acts at local clubs. The band enjoyed brief success throughout Virginia and North Carolina, but in time, that band too came to an end. It was then that Dean became the drum technician for a band formed by current Novarium guitarist, Dean Michaels. After brief jam sessions, the two focused on original material that soon became the blueprint for what would become Novarium. Eventually recording at Final Symphony studios with ex-Bella Morte alum, Micah Consylman at the helm, Dean is the backbone of Novarium.

Anthony – Drums –

Eliakon has always found a way of expressing himself through art from a very young age, whether that be from music, photography or painting, he has always found comfort in creating his interpretation of life from a blank canvas. At the age of 14, he bought his first bass and has never looked back ever since, even though friends and family tried to convince him to learn a different instrument. Although Eliakon appreciates all styles of music, his main love would have to be the 80’s hair metal scene.

Eliakon – Bass, Design –

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