Nitish Pires “Am I Evil” Album Review

Nitish Pires – “Am I Evil” (Unsigned)
By: Tom Hanno


Nitish Pires are an unsigned band from Mumbai, India, and they play an excellent blend of music; one that takes influences from Metallica, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Dave Mathews, Queen, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, and many others. It’s cool to hear these influences mix with the Middle Eastern sounds of their homeland; it makes for a highly enjoyable listening experience. Their album, Am I Evil, is available now!!!

“You Fake” is one track that has a more pronounced Indian flavor to it, yet still has some slightly heavy guitars, some pop sensibility, and an excellent sound all across the board. The vocals may actually be my favorite thing about this track, which is rare for me; usually I gravitate towards the guitars, but these vocals are so well performed that it was difficult to not hear them first. An excellent track!

“Crazy BC-AD” has that Indian sound as well, especially during the intro. The verse hits, and the entire feel changes, hitting more of a goth-rock style mixed with pop-rock. It’s really astounding how diverse this group is, they most definitely make it work to their advantage on this collection of songs. I love the whistling section mixed with the ethereal effects in the background, just excellent music!!

“Big Black Wings” almost sounds like it could be the title of a Danzig song, yet there is no Danzig influence to be heard hear. There is something very familiar about this one, but I cannot place my finger on what exactly it is; t may be the way they incorporate their influences into the songs they write. I really like this one because it employs such a myriad of instruments; acoustic guitars, electrics, and assorted percussion instruments.

“It’s My Way” is a rock song at it’s core, but it is surrounded by some techno inspired electronics, some Maroon 5-esque guitar work, and more of the goth inspired vocal work. This may be the most diverse song on this album, and I absolutely love how they use these seemingly out of the ordinary mixes to create a cohesive song. This is super catchy!!!!!

Nitish Pires has a wonderful sound going on, and if you don’t give this album a chance then you are really missing out on something special. It’s very cool to see a band from India mixing all these influences and doing it well. So, go check them out, buy them album, and support this incredible group!!!!


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