New Years Day at Club Red with Special Guests

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On April 22, 2018 New Years Day stopped off at Club Red in Mesa, AZ with guests Hazen, Outsiders, Note To Self and Stitched Up Heart. Fans lined up at the front entrance of Club Red in excitement waiting to be let into the venue, with the sound of drums and guitars sounding off in the venue as the first band Hazen sets up. Hazen opens the show with a hard rock fast paced song. They immediately drew a crowd when the fans were let into the venue, with a 30 minute set they provided an awesome show that warmed up the crowd.

The next two bands, Outsiders and Note To Self, provided a post-hardcore sound that got the crowd moving, jumping and loosening up. Outsiders on the softer aspect of the spectrum in post-hardcore metal provided the up beat punk vibe with hints of screaming vocals that riled the crowd. Note To Self, a compliment to Outsiders provided the screaming vocals that fueled the evening and gather the crowd from the bar and the merchandise booths. With the two bands acting as a crowd gatherer they definitely pumped the fans up for what was to come.

As fans waited, Stitched Up Heart setup the stage getting ready to provide a killer show. The lights dim and the crowd rushes to the standing floor and cheering fills the venue. Within a heartbeat they hit the crowd with their first song “City Of Angels” which gets the crowd moving. Their set list consisted of songs off their album Never Alone, songs such as “Turn You On”, “Catch Me When I Fall”, “Event Horizon”, and “Finally Free”. With the crowd amped up and ready for the finale of the evening stitched up hearts step off stage and meet the fans in front of the merchandise booth for signing and pictures.

New Years Day ended the event with a full crowd of fans waiting and cheering for them to make their appearance on stage. Lights darken the crowd explodes in a cheer and New Years Day hit the crowd with “Left Inside”. They shred the night with songs such as “Killed Or Be Killed”, “Epidemic”, “Disgust Me” and “Malevolence”. With a powerful performance, not only from them but the whole lineup, fans were definitely not disappointed based on the cheering and the chanting.

New Years Day

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Stitched Up Heart

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Note To Self

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