Mudface – “The Bane Of Existence” album review

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      Mudface has unleashed their new album The Bane Of Existence upon the world following their new single and video for “Hellfoot” and Music was given a copy to sample and review. The band puts their core philosophy succinctly: “We want to prove that the Metal genre is NOT dead. Our music has groove and hooks, while remaining true to our roots.” ,and we agree that this is what they have achieved with The Bane Of Existence.


       The 10 track album opens with “Fed To The Lions”, giving an impression of Killswitch Engage with a taste of Slayer…but that’s just the intro and then Mudface comes into their own with a hard driven song that conveys frustration and desperation in modern times. “Hellfoot” is the second track and really begins to show that Mudface is defining their sound and style.


       The vocal style and range of Chris Dinsmore and Brett Crane are evident throughout the album, but really stand out in “The Tree From Which Men Hang”,”Down Below”,and “Anthem”. Rob Kolowitz and son Grant are one of the only Father/Son teams in Metal and joined the band in late 2012 and really make their presence known in “Do Unto Others”, “I’m Onto You”, and “The Watchers”. Bassist Jim Pegram and Drummer Tim Davis really work together as a team all through The Bane Of Existence delivering a violent thunderstorm of bass and drums that you won’t be able to avoid it’s oncoming barrage.


       The Bane Of Existence is a hard hitting, evolving album with powerful vocals and lyrics that stays true to the old school methods of metal…. that no song starts and ends the same and the progression is like that of an explosion.With two vocalists, and two guitarists, backed by a bassist and drummer,and a keyboardist working together there is a lot going on that you had better put your ears on to really appreciate.In the genre of metal, metalheads always want more,they want it loud,rude,fast,and complicated and that is exactly what Mudface has brought with The Bane Of Existence.  

Review coverage by: Alex of Music Watchdog

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