Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift – Album Review

1 disc, 12 tracks
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


The raw, inviting, and charming genius of Motionless In White welcome a positive shift in the growth of the band, showcasing their newest edition to their discography, Graveyard Shift. Graveyard Shift, itself, means working the very early hours of the day. This all can metaphorically be captured within the amount of hours and late nights that has been put into this masterpiece- just take a listen. With diverse style, themes, and imagery, it’s difficult to avoid the album’s ability to captivate you. Many honest confessions are told, their hearts’ are one their sleeve, and the variation brought into the album easily allows one to visit every emotion within oneself.

With much focus typically on instrumentals, MIW decided to take a new route in flipping the script to place the focus on vocals- finely demonstrated through the time, care, and skillset of the lyrics; yet not taking away from how stunning the instrumentals are! Though simple, there is some MIW spice, soul, and (no doubt) hard work placed into their music. However, the listener cannot neglect the power of the lyrics. Everything you could want, from offering your unconditional love in “Eternally Yours”, to playful darkness “Necessary Evil” featuring Jonathan Davis of KOЯN, or facing your inner demons in “Voices”

Although every track was a total winner, there are a few tracks that truly stood out. Beginning with the opening track, “Rats”, they’ll have you hooked. With the alluring contrast of sexy and seductive imagery, which is seen to have the face of confidence and boldness, to contrast the message of secrecy to maintain our soft angelic reputation. Not to forget to mention how addicting this industrial-styled metal track is to replay over and over. It makes you feel filthy, like a rat- in the best way possible. How can one fail to acknowledge “Soft”? A tough punch in the face with quick, pounding, and riveting drums, loud and angry vocals, and sassy guitars- what more could you want in a metal track? “The Ladder” speaks volumes at in unveils a relationship that was built on the other’s climb to fame. It was truly heartwrenching- “Open grave, I was too blind to see that “love”, spelled to you is ‘F-A-M-E’. You fuck your way up the ladder, going down on your way to the top”. Kind of self-explanatory with saying that this person slept their (unfair) way to the top. Plus, this album has a part two to Reincarnate’s (third studio album), “Dead As F***, Part Two”. Part two is cheekier and lighthearted- which was truly enjoyable. “She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk” was the most notable lyric, personally. It had a very Frankenstein tone to it- electrifying!

The whole album is full of catchy, memorable, and impacting tracks. Though some lyrics were a bit questioning, they were more intriguing than unpleasant. I see the vivacious pits starting now! Wake up that dead soul inside and check out Graveyard Shift, NOW! Needless to say, this album earned a 10/10- bliss!


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