“Rebel [maneuvers] through the verses with a captivating flow built for storytelling, while its hook trades his raspy bars for an enduring melody.”

– Under the Gun
Los Angeles based rapper/hip hop artist MIKE REBEL has released the official video for “Sensitive”, co-directed by Mike Rebel himself, which premiered yesterday on Under The Gun. The track will be available on Rebel’s upcoming full-length album, out later this year.


“[the video] provides extra power behind the track as the stark, black-and-white visuals are centered around images of police brutality. When asked about his specific vision behind the visuals, though, Rebel was tight-lipped: “I’ve gotten many different interpretations. I just wanna leave the symbolism for others to interpret however they feel it.”” – Under The Gun


Mike Rebel successfully fuses elements of Rock, Blues, Trap and Hip Hop music, all the while delivering an uplifting and eye opening message from his own personal life experience.


The son of a militant Islamic father, who raised his sons as proud, young, black men, teaching them that their mission in life was to save their people from the social conditions that a history of oppression had landed them in.  


Mike’s decisions resulted in a state penitentiary sentence, probation and drug rehab. Out of jail, he formed the production team now known as Realmtown.


“I feel like I’m different from the mainstream Rap these days. I’m more old school classic rap. I’m a Poet and a Storyteller. I don’t mind if I’m not mainstream, I’ll be the hard to find remedy for anyone that’s aching for some classic shit”

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