Metal Diva AYIN ALEPH Unleashes Avant Garde Music Video for New Single “Crystal Bell”

Classically trained pianist, composer, vocalist and an accomplished writer/performer AYIN ALEPH recently released her operatic, avant garde new single “Crystal Bell” via Elliptic Entertainment (order here). The teaser for her highly-anticipated music video for the track already boasts over 130,000 views – an impressive feat for a new, independent artist.


Today, Ayin is finally giving fans what they’ve been waiting for by releasing said music video – a visually extravagant offering accenting the Baroque/opera-influenced metal style of the track. You can watch the video today, exclusively via


The video for “Crystal Bell” was shot in Los Angeles over the course of three non-consecutive days. The video features three distinct locations, directed with the assistance of three different directors and cinematographers. Under the direction of AYIN ALEPH,Denis Sobolev coordinated the group scenes, cinematographer and “Crystal Bell” video editor Gene Avakyan oversaw the glamour scenes and drone camera operation, and the underwater scenes were filmed with special techniques at the direction of Alex Sherman.


“Crystal Bell” was born in a moment of realization that we spend our lives searching for love while despising the ones who love us,” states AYIN ALEPH. She adds, “The video marks a turning point of the visual and musical expression of AYIN ALEPH. Blurring the lines of fantasy and reality, the video portrays Ayin as an array of extravagant female archetypes – a sexy 50’s pin-up character, an opera singer, a victim of drowning symbolizing love, a sexy vintage casino manager getting killed after a fight, and beyond. The video was shot in three days in Los Angeles with different cinematographers, notably because of the technical requirements of underwater filming and drone shots. Pulling together this profusion of elements with the amazing editing support of my drummer Shad Wilhelm was a challenging and tremendously rewarding experience!”


Eclectic and provocative, AYIN ALEPH seeks to elevate the majesty inherent to classical music with the power of modern, progressive influences to create a new form of opera and pianistic neo-classical music, that is one viable to mass markets.  That journey led to the formation of the band that carries her name, collaborations with some of the industry’s top musicians and producers, the recording of 3 albums, 7 video productions, and live performances all over the world.


AYIN ALEPH‘s upcoming album (currently in production) has been described as, “J.S. Bach and Freddie Mercury’s love child marries Danny Elfman, while having a torrid affair with Pantera.”


Although somewhat underground in the rock and metal scenes, AYIN ALEPH is no stranger to the world of music. Ayin first played piano at the age of four, and by the time she was six, she was performing with a symphony orchestra. She was soon recognized by noted composer Dimitri Kabalevski as “one of the most promising virtuosos of her generation.”  By the age of 10, Ayin was composing and performing original pieces, in concert, for the Composers’ Union in Moscow.  Ayin continued her musical education in renowned institutions – Moscow Conservatory, The Royal Conservatory of Brussels, The European Conservatory in Paris.  Gifted with perfect pitch, her experience and educational disciplines have augmented an organic process of original composition allowing her to use a lot of different musical styles within the frame of a song.



Ayin Aleph – vocals, composition, lyrics, pianos

Shad Wilhelm – drums

Will Tone – guitars


AYIN ALEPH online:

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