Metal Allegiance coverage at whisky a go go 2016

On January 9th I set out to head out to Hollywood from Phoenix. Waking up and hitting the road at 7am I knew it was going to be a long day, but worth it in the end. Bypassing all the boring details of the drive we show up in Hollywood about 1PM, and check into our hotel. Tried to get a nap in but couldn’t sleep from all the excitement for the evening to come.

At about 4:30-5 I decided to just say screw it and head on out to Whisky A Go Go where the show would be taking place. So we show up park and just venture around Sunset Strip. Rainbow bar and grill was having a memorial for the passing of Lemmy Kilmister who was the Singer/Founder of Motorhead. The area was packed with many rockers paying tribute to the great legend.



At about 7PM, Whisky opened the doors and the madness started. First up on stage opening was a local band called The Mendenhall Experiment. At first I wasn’t paying too much attention to them as I was running around talking with people and just meeting all these great people from the night. Towards the end of their set I started to listen more and snapped off a few shows. I have to say for a local band they are pretty freaking awesome and I suggest people go and check them out, you will be surprised about the members of this band and the awareness they are generating for the disabled. So to the members of The Mendenhall Experiment, keep up what you are doing and after speaking with Nate, definitely looking forward to your future release.

Up next was another local band by the name of Still Not Dead. From what I heard of them being up on stage they performed a great set as well. Unfortunately I had more running around to do, so I didn’t get a chance to really listen to them. I still urge people to check them out if they can as they still had a great sound and image.



Up next is an all girl glitter punk band called Doll Skin. We at Music Watchdog have seen these girls here a few times in Phoenix, and with opening with Weather Man and you could see that they were excited and happy to perform at this legendary venue. With it being a sold out show at the legendary Whisky I had to wonder what was going through these girls minds at the time of taking the stage. I have to say with still being a new band getting their feet wet they played as good as the rest of the major acts with the same amount of enthusiasm.  



Cage took the stage next and took it by the balls.. If you are a fan of Rob Halford, and Judas Priest you will definitely like Cage. With blasting songs like “Metal Devil”, and “Hell Destroyer Sean Peck did an amazing job. Dave and Casey ripped it on the guitars with some awesome riffs. With Alex on bass supporting the sonic chaos and drummer Sean destroying his drums for the sake of the sold out show.



Of course by now the Wiskey A Go Go is packed and waiting for Metal Allegiance to take the stage, and they didn’t just take the stage…..they owned it! Throughout the performance it was organized chaos with members and guests leaving the stage and coming right in for the next song. It was a high energy show with all members and guests, plus the audience having a great time and there was no missing it on the faces of those performing for the crowd. The show includes original material, cover songs, and an encore in honor of the legendary Lemmy!

With musicians and performers like David Ellefson , Mike Portnoy, Mark Menghi,  Alex Skolnick, Troy Sanders, Mark Osegueda, Phil Demmel, Andreas Kisser, Dave Lombardo, Cory Taylor, and Mikkey Dee taking the stage and performing, there was a lot to see.



With such a line up, there were also special guests who came by for the show like, Dave Grohl, Dino Cazares, and Nita Strauss and more that we have might not have even known were there.
It was a memorable show, no scratch that… iconic show that was a true honor for Music Watchdog to be able to attend and cover and it is a pleasure for us to share with you the images that we shot during the show.



  1. Awesome that you took the time to give some attention to all the other bands who participated in this show, rather than only pay attention to the headliner as so many other websites are focused on.

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