Members of Fozzy and Allele form new Hard Rock band “The Audiodacity”

The Audiodacity launched the bands first lyric video for their debut single “Bridges Burned”.  The single, produced by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Attila and The Word Alive), is the first taste of music offered by the hard-hitting Tri-State rockers. The new rock trio consists of members Billy Grey (Fozzy), Dusty Winterrowd (Allele), and Marcus Davis (Ph8/Methods of Mayhem). Grey is quoted saying “Bridges Burned is a song we put our heart and soul into. It is a sound track to each of our lives.

The band will also be releasing another single followed by the release of their full-length debut album.


A little about the band

Billy Grey (Fozzy) and Dusty Winterrowd (Allele) were working on a new project “Cyberstar” with Jason Moreno (Drowning Pool). When that didn’t seem to work out they started putting out feelers for a new frontman. Through the advice from some mutual friends they reached out to Arizona rocker Marcus Davis (PH8, Methods of Mayhem) and asked if he would be interested in an audition. Without hesitation Billy and Dusty knew they found what they needed to bring their sound to the next level. “He killed it! We knew he was a perfect match for us right away” – Dusty Winterrowd. Now what makes The Audiodacity different from their other bands is that they have the ability to incorporate their individual styles to create their own sound. “Marcus has a very wide vocal range of vocal styles so when we write we can always take a different approach when writing riffs, there’s no boundaries”. – Billy Grey

The trio is currently being produced by studio legend Matt Good who has produced such acts as Asking Alexandria and The Word Alive. “His production ideas really push our tracks over the top, he’s really great to work with” – Marcus Davis.

The Audiodacity is getting set to launch their debut EP (not yet titled) with some quick shows to support its release and a tour to follow in the early months of 2019.

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