megadeth SUICIDAL TENDENCIES children of bodom havok coverage feb 2016

The anticipation is building within Comerica Theatre for what is without question what is the main reason that so many metalheads have gathered tonight in downtown Phoenix to see and hear.We have come from all over the valley of the sun……for MEGADETH!!!!!

       Thousands have come clad in their Megadeth shirts and displaying them with pride of past tours and conquests, and they have come to celebrate Megadeth’s 33rd year and fifteenth album Dystopia and world tour!

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       With the crowd chanting Megadeth over and over again,……the lights dim and the smoke rises from the stage and the displays come on and the intro plays Prince of Darkness.The crowd settles down in wait of what’s next.

       The lights dim and a shadow approaches the front center of the stage as the show is beginning with a short intro followed by a screaming guitar and smoke and the lights come on and behold,…….Dave Mustaine! The crowd erupts in cheer as David, Kiko, and Chris join the stage and greet the audience with the Threat is Real!!!!

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       Megadeth has arrived with a sonic barrage of metal legend that they are famous for!! Without warning the band follows into the next song and the fans immediately recognize that it’s time to go back to 1990 with Hangar 18! The crowd shows it’s love by singing along word for word of the lyrics and chanting Megadeth to the rhythm of the Drums!

       After the third song, the band stops and Dave greets the crowd and Phoenix responds and we’re not going to share Dave’s message to the crowd, because that is a memory reserved for those who were there…sorry!
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       Into the night the show continues with a variety of songs from Megadeth’s expansive catalog,from songs of old and new and an appearance from Vic Rattlehead himself!

       When Megadeth takes the stage and performs they know what their fans expect and deserve and throughout the set the house lights come on so Megadeth can see the crowd because they love their fans,….what?…. Did you think that they don’t want to see you too?
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       When Megadeth comes to town and puts on a show, that’s exactly what they are going to do.With high expectations from their fans…they know what they need to deliver,and deliver they did! Practically smashing the audience upside the head with it….and we love them for it!

       Epic show and performance from Megadeth, and Music Watchdog is honored with the privilege of being able to attend and cover such a memorable show and be able to share that coverage with our fellow Megadeth Fans! With much love and gratitude to Megadeth we thank you, and thank you to the staff of Comerica Theatre as well.Also thanks to all our friends who helped us and supported our efforts and this show was a true adventure and memory for us!!

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    Please, it is our pleasure to share with you our coverage…so enjoy!

    Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Music


Now it’s time for Phoenix to welcome another veteran band in support of the Dystopia World Tour and it wouldn’t be the first or even the second time that they have joined forces with Megadeth and that be Suicidal Tendencies! As far back as the Clash of the Titans tour and in support of the Countdown to Extinction tour, these two bands have history together.

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S.T. takes the stage in form with a high energy performance that they are known for, and there was no missing the excitement from the fans as they screamed and yelled S.T.! With opening with “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, Suicidal Tendencies was of and running with Mike Muir all over the stage followed by the rest of the band.

Up on stage performing “War Inside My Head”, and “Institutionalized”, was greatly appreciated by the crowd and an awesome experience to witness. Interaction with their audience was also equally received by the band with Dean coming forward at one point just beyond the stage to welcome their fans! Kick-ass performance by Suicidal Tendencies and just what the crowd needed before Megadeth comes on!
_F8A0234 (Large)

Music Watchdog is very grateful that Mike Muir set aside some time for us pre-show for a short interview for us to share with you, so as always we invite you to check it out and get some insight into S.T.’s future plans! A big thank you to Mike for his time, really cool meeting him!


Music Watchdog would like to thank Suicidal Tendencies for an awesome show , and the staff of Comerica Theatre for hosting it! So please enjoy our coverage of Suicidal Tendencies!!!


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Time to shift into second gear with Children Of Bodom! With the other bands on the Dystopia world tour hailing from the United States, COB hails from across the pond from Espoo,Finland.


Children Of Bodom lay siege upon Phoenix with assaulting the crowd with “Are You Dead Yet?”, followed by “In Your Face”.Comerica Theatre is hosting a full metal meltdown tonight and we are approaching the halfway point.With performances of “Hate Me!” and “I Worship Chaos”,COB is showing no mercy with their set tonight!


COB has come and performed with a wrath worthy of Scandinavian legend to the metalheads of Phoenix and Music Watchdog has answered their call with shoving a camera lense in their faces and providing coverage for the fans to enjoy later!


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We welcome you to the beginning of tonight’s coverage of the Dystopia World Tour at Comerica Theatre last Saturday night on February 27,2016 with Havok!

With Havok opening the show as the first act of the night is an understatement, they didn’t open the show….they exploded with “Point of No Return” for their fans and they were welcomed for it with mass headbanging and loud roars of Havok! Those who came to tonight’s show were greeted to a loud,fast and rude thrash metal display without mercy with a four song set that closed with “Give Me Liberty…Or Give Me Death”!!
_F8A9325 (Large)

A short set indeed but Havok didn’t disappoint they shredded it with a vengeance! Hey! Havok fans word is that they are currently working on a new album and are aiming to shove it right into your eardrums this year! So we are looking forward to their 4th album this year and wish Havok a great tour in support of Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, and Children of Bodom!


       As always we are proud to share our coverage with you so please enjoy!


Thanks to Havok, Comerica Theatre, and the rest of the lineup for for such an awesome show!


Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex at Music




  1. what and which megadeth shirt did you get I’m going to boston show in 22 days what was the best and nicest shirt there I wanna try to get the best megadeth shirt they have at the boston show I always get shut out of getting the one I really want it gets sold out than I have to settle for second or third megadeth shirt hope I can get there early and hopefully this time get the one I really want also glad and happy you had a great time and they killed it last night I can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. This was without a doubt the biggest Metal show in Phoenix so far this year and may be the biggest one all year, it will be very hard to top this lineup! \m/ \m/