Mayday Parade – Welcome to Sunnyland Tour at The Van Buren Show Coverage

Coverage/Photos By Julius Aguilar

On October 11, 2018 four bands sound-off a night of emo pop-punk melodies with crazed fans packing the house at The Van Buren. “Oh, Weatherly” led the evening with a pop-punk sound that sparked fans to cheer, move around and sing along. With Oh, Weatherly setting the stage and mood of the evening William Ryan Key came in second on the set list. Playing covers of songs from his band Yellowcard and some of his own solo music; William’s led the crowd in an almost silhouetted echo of fans singing songs such as “Old Friends”, “Vultures”, “Form and Figure”, “Thirty Days”, “Great Unknown” and a cover that fans were unanimously  excited for Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue”.

With William finishing his set he passes the torch to This Wild Life who brought the crowd to excitement, the pop-punk duo pushed fans to their hearts excitement playing songs off their news album Petaluma, songs such as “”Headfirst”, “Positively Negative”, “Hold You here” and “Westside”; as well as played songs of their album Clouded. With one member switching back and forth from guitar to drums and the other providing the singing of words that pierced through to each pop-punk fan they close their set to the sound of cheers.

With fans filled with content with the show thus far, the headliner would push them into a fan frenzy craze with the crowd squeezing closer to the front of the stage. Mayday Parade walk out to a sea of fans screaming in excitement and began their set and immediately the fans respond in cheer and shouting the lyrics, singing along. With awesome stage lights and amazing sound they put their all into each and every song giving the crowd their money’s worth and time.

Mayday Parade

Oh, Weatherly

William Ryan Key

This Wild Life

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