Matrix Coverage June 2016 At Joe’s Grotto

       Soundwave Brigade was out once again supporting the Phoenix music scene out at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday June 18th, and tonight we bring you our coverage of Matrix!

       Matrix is a local Rock band, coming from Phoenix, Arizona. Forming in 2014 with Danny Pettit (Lead Vocals), Kenny Ball (Drums), Brian Buzard (Guitar), and Pete Oliphant (Bass). Their sound and style are heavily influenced by Rock and early Metal of the 70’s and 80’s with thundering drums, intense guitar and bass riffs and licks, and Danny has a powerful sharp vocal style. The band released their debut album Chosen Few almost eight months ago and have been performing all over the valley and this past April, Matrix opened the first EagleRider Music Fest in Tempe.


       With the show about to begin, and the stage in total darkness, the Rock begins from the shadows as the lights come on revealing Matrix as they greet the crowd with an instrumental intro followed by their original “Day by Day”. After the first song ends, Danny thanks the crowd for the privilege of entertaining them, and Matrix is off and running with their fusion style of classic and modern Rock.

       After performing a few songs of their own, Matrix had a few surprises for the audience as they brought some friends down here tonight to join them in performing on stage. The first was Michael Orelli who came on stage armed with an electric guitar, and was playfully welcomed to the stage by the members of Matrix as he joined them in performing covers such as “Steeler” by Judas Priest, and “Immigration Song” by Led Zeppelin.


       With Michael leaving the stage, Matrix continued on with more of their own material, and after “Don’t Give Up”, they performed a brand new song before another guest made his way on stage to join them.

       Matrix welcoming another guest to join them was Bruce Kaiser, and as he made his way on stage, the playful banter was in full effect. The played a cover of AC/DC’s “Sin City”, that was a sight to see as everyone on stage was goofing off as Bruce and Brian’s dancing and strutting with their guitars that would give the legendary Angus Young of AC/DC a laugh and a smile, as well as the crowd watching.

       Matrix delivers an awesome “live” show, with a mix of their own style of Rock and cover songs, and playful interaction with the crowd to throwing in surprises that made everyone’s night here at Joe’s Grotto. Matrix is a band that holds true to the old ethics of Rock N’ Roll, from the way that they play, to the way they include their audience as when Danny came out and walked around the place singing among the crowd and shaking their hands and welcoming and thanking them during the last song of the night.


       Before Matrix went on stage, Soundwave Brigade was hanging out with the band and when we were talking with Danny we shot some “test” footage and showed it to him, for which he thought was cool. Remember that “new” song that we mentioned earlier….well we shot video of that song, and with Matrix’s permission they have allowed us to post that video. And the new song is “Bats In The Belfry”, and we shot it in Nightvision! It’s the first video footage we’ve posted while using this mode and with great thanks to Matrix we are excited to share it with you, and if you like this new song of theirs….please go over to their facebook page and comment on it, we have links for you to follow Matrix posted below, or comment below in our comments section down below.

       Matrix is currently working on new material, and for more information and updates about what they’re up to, and upcoming shows, please visit the links below.

They can be found at these links posted below,

       Soundwave would like to thank Joe and the staff at Joe’s Grotto for their hospitality and for hosting tonight’s events and to all who support our local music scene.

       And a Special thanks to Matrix for supplying and allowing us to use their logo, and again for allowing us to post their new unreleased song……thanks guys!

       Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex at Soundwave

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