Marilyn Manson – “Heaven Upside Down” Album Review

Marilyn Manson – “Heaven Upside Down” (Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline International)
By: Brian Campbell

Over 20 years and now ten albums into his career and Marilyn Manson is still as dangerous as ever, as evidenced by his latest album, “Heaven Upside Down,” which explores all the typical Manson tropes – sex, religion, guns, violence, drugs and the like. But, honestly, what else would you expect?

Manson delivers a vintage performance on “We Know Where You Fucking Live,” effortlessly transitioning from breathy whispers to urgent screams, manically yelling ‘we know where you fucking live, we’ll burn it down, burn it down, they won’t even recognize your corpse’ over top a bed of blasting riffs, “SAY10” continues Manson’s slow burn serial killer delivery, which is eerily infectious, “KILL4ME” is a bouncy love song of sorts, one straight from the twisted mind of Marilyn Manson of course (‘Let’s grab a gold switchblade / And make us a blood pact, babe…Would you kill, kill, kill for me? / I love you enough to ask you again / Would you kill, kill, kill for me? / You won’t be kissing me unless you kill for me’), “Je$u$ Cri$i$” is a slinky little number that brilliantly devolves into shrieks and closer “Threats of Romance” ends “Heaven Upside Down” in a similar bombastic fashion to how it began on “Revelation #12.”

Elsewhere on “Heaven Upside Down,” Manson swings and misses on the rambling “Saturnalia” and “Blood Honey” comes off as a bit too meandering, but the album connects more often than it whiffs.

While this isn’t the same shock-and-awe Manson, now a man nearly 50 years of age, we all feared from the late 90’s, “Heaven Upside Down” is prime sounding Manson. All these years later, he is still clearly comfortable playing the villain, albeit a slightly less hated one.

Track List:

1. “Revelation #12”
2. “Tattooed In Reverse”
4. “SAY10”
5. “KILL4ME”
6. “Saturnalia”
7. “JE$U$ CRI$I$”
8. “Blood Honey”
9. “Heaven Upside Down”
10. “Threats of Romance”

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