Madlife Interview

Developed in 2000, this industrial hard rock band based out of Los Angeles was contrived between Guitarist Isaiah Stuart and Lead Singer Angry Phill. With Phill’s angry lyrics and Isaiah’s unique guitar sound Madife was born. Madlife has since been made complete with Kyle Cunningham on drums and Topher Graves on bass. The chemistry between these four makes Madlife the band fans want to see and hear.

The band has current endorsements from In Tune Guitar Picks, Schecter Guitars, JH Audio, Fryette Amps, Line 6, Meinl Cymbals, Seymour Duncan, Regal Tip, WB Gear, FrankinThreads Clothing, Mapex Drums and SIT Strings.

Madlife while they played here at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona.


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