Lane Change – Rise – EP Review

1 disc, 4 songs
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


Lane Change are upfront, zealous, and open in their EP, “Rise”. With political discussion, expression of their favorite artist, and omnipotence, they become an open book with letting their listeners in on who they are and what they stand for. Each song has some rock n’ roll vibes, high-energy, and personal influence displayed. As we go through each track, one is able to see just how diverse each track is.

“The Rich Get Richer” discusses the political topic of how the rich get richer, but all other classes seem to remain the same- it’s very self explanatory. “Get angry, get loud, get crazy, get proud. Don’t take this city down. The Rich get Richer; we stay the same” also voiced an action plan to raise awareness and not be silenced. The song was very soulful in the vocals, especially with female backing vocals to compliment bluesy male vocals. The instrumentals are very classic rock n’ roll- which is very appreciated. Instrumentals are pretty simplistic, with the focus being on the talent of the vocals.

“There is a place between the sun and moon- Club 27”. The instrumentals outshine the vocals on this track. “Club 27” had immediate intensity which felt a tad overwhelming, but was awesome to receive the known high-energy of Lane Change. On a new note, the overall message was about the 27 Club, being all the iconic musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and more, that have died at age 27. The song is a desperate cry that these influential musicians left this world too soon, when there was still greatness left to create! This track was mainly targeting Jimi Hendrix, as it hints at “Purple Haze”, a famous song by the distinguished artist. Personally, was not all too impressed with the lyrics. They were very simple and a bit choppy. However, the talent displayed within vocal range was noted, the lead guitar definitely had his moment of stardom on this track, and I was entertained by the choice of topic- which not many have chosen.

The third track, “Floodwater”, begins with a choir-like intro. It’s very funky, soulful, and rock n’ roll. This track is full of imagery of water rising, being a metaphor for patience, time, and hopelessness. It is a powerful message exemplified through simplistic lyrics.

Lastly, the track “Rise” is chill and easy-going! It has a sprinkle of Rasta on this 311(the band)-like track. With the hopeful message of rising above, singing “We won’t back down”, this song was the most tasteful on the EP. It was very group-oriented, focused on the strength in unity which coordinated well with the power in the harmonization between the female and male vocalists. The drums also had a hot spotlight moment in this track, which was fun to nod your head to the beat with. All in all, this EP receives a 6.5 out of 10! Give it a listen to see if Lane Change makes you want to “Rise” up and change the world!


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