Lacuna Coil Coverage at Marquee Theatre May 2016

       It’s May 9th, 2016 and Soundwave Brigade is out at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona this evening to cover Lacuna Coil’s 2016 North American Tour as they make their way through the Southwest United States.

       Lacuna Coil is a Rock/Metal band from Milan, Italy that formed in the mid-nineties after two name changes, they became Lacuna Coil, meaning “empty spiral”. The band signed with Century Media at the end of 1997, and since that time they have released soon to be 8 studio albums, with their latest album Delirium scheduled for release on May 27th, 2016. Also in their discography to date is one live album, two extended plays, two compilation albums, one video album, along with an ever growing list of singles and music videos.

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       In 2002, with the release of Comalies, is widely regarded as the band’s breakthrough album as they remained relatively unknown in the United States. The first single from Comalies, “Heaven’s A Lie” began to receive radio and media attention and in 2005 won an award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Song at the 4th annual Independent Music Awards.

       Lacuna Coil has toured the world and shared the stage with many well known bands such as Type O Negative( RIP Peter Steele), Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Metallica, Megadeth, and the list goes on. They have performed at many well known festivals around the world such as Germany’s Wacken Festival, Ozzfest, and the Japanese Loudpark Festival. Lacuna Coil has earned their ever growing global fan base with a dedication to their craft and musical evolution as they approach their second decade as a band.

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       Before the show here tonight Soundwave was able to do an interview with Andrea Ferro and we would like to thank him for giving us a few minutes of his time that we can in turn share with you all, so we invite you to watch our interview with Andrea.

       Performing tonight, Lacuna Coil takes the stage with Andrea Ferro (Vocals), Cristina Scabbia (Vocals), Marco Coti Zelati (Bass), Ryan Folden (Drums), and their newest member Diego Cavallotti (Guitar).

       The show begins with the band taking their positions on stage though smoke and dim backlighting as they open up their set with “Nothing Stands in Our Way” revealing the band clad in white asylum inspired attire. From the first song on throughout their set Cristina invites the crowd to sing along and join in when called upon or freely. With a high energy mix of songs from from Lacuna Coil’s discography including some new material from the yet to be released album Delirium. With performing fan favorites “Heaven’s A Lie”, “Spellbound”, “Swamped” and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”, the concertgoers here tonight were very pleased with continuous cheers, whistles and the occasional “I Love You!” from the fans,as Scabbia would return in kind.

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       The sound of tonight’s show was impressive as you could hear Marco on Bass, Ryan on Drums, and Diego on Guitar distinctly, and let’s not forget the vocalists, as Andrea and Cristina work and perform as a team. Scabbia and Ferro amazed the crowd with their latest single “The House of Shame”, which gave fans some insight to their upcoming release of Delirium. Cristina is an amazing vocalist, she is mesmerizing and captivating just like a mythical Siren.

       Lacuna Coil closed their show with “Our Truth”, and as the music ends Cristina and Andrea give their thanks and love to crowd and announce that they will be at the merch booth for an after show signing for their fans, and they would see them shortly.Through the cheer and applause Lacuna Coil exits the stage.

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       After performing such an awesome live show, the fans formed a line and waited for Lacuna Coil to come out to the merch booth, and they didn’t have to wait long as the entire band came out and sat at a table and proceeded to sign autographs for their fans. Lacuna Coil gave their fans a kick ass show and still sets aside some time to give more to their fans…..Bravo Lacuna Coil!

       Lacuna Coil is currently out on tour, and with a new album set for release, they are no doubt going to be very active in the near future and for further information and updates regarding Lacuna coil we have some links to aid you below,

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       Soundwave would like to thank Lacuna Coil and their crew, and for allowing us to cover tonight’s show, and to once again thank Andrea for his time, and to thank the Marquee Theatre and their staff for hosting tonight’s show. It was an awesome show and a privilege for us.


       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave


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