Kris Allen Coverage May 2016

You may have cheered him on in your very own living room during the eighth season of American Idol; Kris Allen won the hearts of many when he won that season in 2009. He did so yet again when he performed right here in the valley on May 13th, 2016 at the Valley Bar. The Arkansas native was undeniably a stranger to the triple digit weather Arizona had to offer and asked the audience how was it that we could handle such inferno as the audience laughed and someone yelled, “But it’s a dry heat!”.
Continuing on through June 18th, Kris Allen travels cross country throughout his 2016 music tour. Quite the performance as he started his show off with one of his recently released songs Love Will Find You from his newest album Letting You In that came out March 18th, 2016.

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During the set he explained there are songs that you hear with meaning of cheering you on and trying to pick you up with a message that it will be ok while one is feeling down, he even joked saying that most of his very own songs were like that. He went on explaining he wanted to write something a bit different and he wanted to write a song that let people know it is ok to hurt and sometimes hurt is exactly what you need to make you stronger and make you who you are today. That message is so beautifully interpreted in his song he performed In Time.
Though out the whole performance you can see the passion and the emotion that Kris Allen translates to the audience; A connection that each listener can feel individually. If you get  a chance to hear this guy perform it is highly recommended. It is no wonder he won the eighth season of American Idol.

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It was a pleasure covering this performance and it is greatly appreciated to those that allowed Soundwave Brigade, LLC to be there.
Written and Photographed by: Beverly Shumway a.k.a AZ Snapz


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