Korn Marquee Theatre Oct 2015

What can I say about Korn that hasn’t been said already? They are such an amazing band all around. I grew up listening to Korn and have been listening to them for over 20yrs now. I still remember the day the self titled album came out, and I very much still listen to it today.

Growing up I never thought I’d get into photography let alone shooting one of my all time favorite bands. Being born legally blind has made many challenges for me and photography is a huge one for me. All I know is that every show I attend and cover I give my all. I may not always take the best of pictures with being limited, but I do my best and I love doing what I do.

Now as for the show Korn packed the house with wall to wall people and the room was filled with energy all around. The moment the first note was hit the crowd went wild. Mosh-pits started, crowd surfing went under way and so much more.. Jonathan went wild when the lights went on, he was all over the place.. Reginald as always did an awesome job on bass. Brian and James both killed it on the guitar. Both had high energy and worked the stage very well. Ray pounded them drums like no tomorrow and delivered each hit with love and passion.. No matter what day of the week it is whether it’s a Wednesday or Saturday Korn give it their all. You can expect when you show up to a show when they are done with that set they have given everything they have. Keep on rocking and producing amazing music 🙂
I think my favorite song of this set and off the album is “Blind” because everyday I never know if I may wake up blind never to follow my dreams of photographing these amazing events. So again I am very thankful for having the chance to cover and capture the moments of this show. I hope everyone who attended loved it as much as I did.






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