Killcode – “The Answer” Album Review

Killcode – “The Answer”
By: Brian Campbell


Killcode’s mission is simple. They just want to kick your ass with straight ahead no-frills rock comprised of thunderous drums, bombastic riffs and anthemic hooks. And judging by their latest album “The Answer,” they have succeeded in their mission thus far.

Killcode lay all their cards on the table right off the rip with the album’s title track, showcasing their refreshing blend of modern and classic rock, via this drinks-in-the-air rock anthem. Thumping grooves, brash vocals and stomping guitars are the name of the game here, a potent sonic concoction that persists throughout the remainder of “The Answer.” And no, that ain’t a bad thing. Guitar duo Chas and D.C. Gonzales shine throughout “Show Me” before breaking out some chunky riffs on “Shot,” an early highlight of “The Answer” (the solo work near the songs conclusion kicks ass too). Killcode takes things to another level on “Bleed,” amping up the speed factor, but tamp the brakes on obligatory ballad “Own It Now,” which sounds plucked directly from mid-80’s recording sessions of Poison or Motley Crue.

Don’t fret rockers, because Killcode quickly restore order on “Kickin’ and Screamin’,” another ode to 80’s rock excess, complete with a chorus that literally goes like this – ‘kicking, screaming, smoking, drinking, rocking, rolling.’ The modern rock returns on the Alterbridge-esque “Pick Your Side,” a well-structured rock single is there ever was one to be found on “The Answer.” “Slave” is as well-rounded as “The Answer” gets, though it should probably have been the album’s closing track, given “Put If Off,” which actually closes the album, a fine enough track that is completely rendered unnecessary due to an ill-advised and needless mid-song rap.

“The Answer” has its ups and down, but it’s a true rock record that would have played just as well 30 years ago as it does now. If you’re a fan of real unapologetic rock music, then this record is right up your alley.


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