KFMA Day 2018 at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium in Tucson AZ

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On April 14, 2018 Rock 102.1 and Pizza Hut got together to present another KFMA Day Held at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium in Tucson, AZ. The event was filled with an amazing list of artist such as Sorrows Ruin, Vista Kicks, Two Feet, 10 Years, Jonathan Davis, Stone Temple Pilots and A Perfect with bands ranging from Alternative Rock to the Metal genre.

To kick off the event was Tucson’s very own Sorrows Ruin, playing a 20 minute set starting a 1pm. With fans flooding the gates and entering in packs, they made their way down the steps of the baseball seating area onto the field to claim their spots for the rest of the event. Sorrows Ruin dressed like a scene from Mad Max

As the crowd ventures through the security check they enter to a view of the stage up field in the baseball stadium with vendors setup down field and to the left and right as they enter. As the crowd gets in they immediately line up for the merchandise booth and make their way down to the field to get first picks of spots.

Tucson’s very own, Sorrows Ruin were the first to play for the crowd. Dressed in heavy metal attire, like a scene straight from Mad Max itself, they hit Tucson with a heavy set. Pulling out all the stops for wardrobe, set design and showmanship the Tucson crowd showed their content with the sounds and show Sorrows Ruin put on, by cheering and chanting the bands name.

Next up was Vista Kicks, who were dressed in an store from a time long lost in Swede red top suits and black pants; a throw back to the rock’n roll bands of the early 60’s. Performing their top songs such as “Work For Me”“Marceline”“20 Something Nightmare”“Fight The War” and “Love & Paranoia”.

Two Feet performed a set that calmed the crowd, as a two piece band one on electric and vocals and the other providing beats and drums styles from a midi-board and touch pad. The crowd with their undivided attention was pulled into the smooth grooves of Two Feet. They performed songs such as “You’re So Cold”,  “Love Is A Bitch”, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” and a cover of Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

With a 30 minute break as 10 Years setup, the crowd pulled together in front of the stage with fans coming down from the seating area of the baseball stadium. As the crowd waited in anticipation, 10 Years came out to a screaming echoing hysteria of fans cheering and squeezing even tighter. 10 Years performed songs from their latest album (How to Live) As Ghosts and songs of older albums; songs such as “Halo”“Wasteland”“Vampires”“Beautiful”“Shoot It Out”“Novacaine” and a cover of Nirvana’s “Hear-Shaped Box”.

Up next was a crowd favorite and pleaser, Jonathan Davis came out to a crowd that was amped and more than warmed up. With more people showing up for the event by the hour the open area in front of the stage was now swarmed with screaming fans and people ready to push forward and crowd surf. Jonathan Davis opened with “Underneath My Skin” to warm up the crowd for their taste of music. Through out his set they played songs off his new record Black Labyrinth as well as songs from his other band KoRn’s album’s; songs such as “Forsaken”“Basic Needs”“Slept So Long”“System” and “What It is”.

With such an amazing response from the crowd Jonathan Davis ended his set with a crowd amped and moving, which transformed into a big welcome for Stone Temple Pilots. At this point of the event the sun crossed the horizon providing for a beautiful backdrop and a chance for the light show to grasp more attention from the audience.

Stone Temple Pilots take the stage with a massive crowd standing and waiting in anticipation for their set to begin. They hit the crowd with the song “Wicked Garden” amping the crowd and receiving cheers in return. With a longer set then most of the bands that played before them they had to give the crowd a set that was involving and ever building to a climactic ending. They accomplish this by playing songs of their new self titled album as well as the classics, songs such as “Vasoline”, “Down”, “Plush”, “Meadow”“Dead & Bloated” and “Roll Me Under”. Through out their set the crowd together created a sea of echoing voices as Stone Temple Pilots played their biggest well know hits and end with a sea of cheers.

To end KFMA Day 2018 was A Perfect Circle who started their set with a beautiful light show of blue & orange lights and smoke, debuting two new songs “Eat the Elephant” and “Disillusioned” off their new record Eat the Elephant. Their set was filled with the crowd cheering and squeezing every space they could just to be closer to stage; playing songs off their new album, older albums and even a cover from John Lennon. Songs such as “Rose”“The Noose”“The Package”“TalkTalk”“The Contrarian”“The Doomed” and John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

A Perfect Circle

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Stone Temple Pilots

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Jonathan Davis

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10 Years

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Vista Kicks

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Two Feet

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