KAB Releases “Deal Man” Music Video


Patrick Redl
Jon Ruterman
Mark Moffatt
Scott Lecomte
Eric jones


KAB is rock-n-roll band based out of Phoenix AZ. Founded in 2012, the band features Mark Moffatt (The Stumbles, Big Moxie) on guitar and vocals, Pat Redl (Outland) on drums, Jon Ruterman (Porkchoppers) on bass/keyboards/vocals, Scott LeComte (Switch 56) guitar/vocals and Eric Jones on lead guitar.


KAB is proud to share our official video for Deal Man. This has been a blast for us as a band. We appreciate our friends, family and #kabfans and are counting on you to take a few minutes to watch and SHARE this post on your page. You can find Deal Man and more at Genuine – EP by KAB Thank you for supporting our dream!


“Deal Man” // KAB

Film by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

Featuring Bella Romeo, Laurel Hervert, Christian Schmidt and Chris Stamos.

KAB is Scott LeComte, Jon Ruterman, Eric Jones, Patrick Redl and Mark Moffatt.

Production: Elijah LeComte, Adam Messler, Neil Jones.

Shot on Location in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

A special thank you to: Sage Audio, Adam West, Dennis Schimanski, Kimberly O’Donnell, Kimmyz On Greenway Rock & Roll Bar & Grill, WorldMusicStage, Windy West, Brian Zepp, COLDCOCK Whiskey, CooperGroove Drumsticks, #viral #indieartist #nashville #Arizona #livemusic #artist #rockabilly Dave Pratt

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