Kid Rock Debuts Kick Ass Music Video With Babes, Guns & Attitude

Country singer and rock superstar Kid Rock kept good on his promise to release a fiery new music at midnight, taking fans by storm when his epic new song glorified the redneck upbringing.

Titled “Po-Dunk”, the kick ass anthem takes a bold approach to a small town raising that is brimming with good ole times and not giving “a flying hillbilly fuck. The music video for the raging new song features no shortage of redneck folks defying societal norms and using their small town backwoods to their excitement and pleasure.

Finding values in their family, their mechanical toys, and their guns, these folks are anything but materialistic, as Rock advises his listeners, “Love us if you can/ Sorry if you can’t/ Holler if you’re in/ Shut up if you ain’t.” The fearless rockstar shares his camera time with country babes and their artillery, in addition to hillbillies having the time of their lives while diving into mud pits and crafting makeshift pools out of truck beds and tarps.

The new release had fans reeling over Rock’s explosive lyrics and bad ass footage, praising the singer for giving the country folks a song to signify their immense pride in their daily adventures and values.

You can experience the fiery backwoods roller coaster by clicking the video below!

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