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CHILDREN OF BODOM (or COB), the esteemed Finnish Heavy Metal band that features frontman and modern day guitar hero Alexi Laiho releases its new album Relentless Reckless Forever in March via Universal Music / Spinefarm Records. COB’s enthralling mix of modern heavy metal, melodic hooks and the guitar acrobatics of Laiho have solidified the critically acclaimed quintet as one of the most revered hard rock acts in the world and one of the leading voices of metal’s new generation.

The Dutch masters of horror are back with their most flamboyant album so far. On ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’, CARACH ANGREN are painting musical pictures that easily combine the grandiose depth of a Rembrandt with Van Gogh’s maelstrom of whirling colours and the utter madness of Bosch. This lusciously seductive danse macabre will drag you in and never let go.

CARACH ANGREN have employed all the sonic colours on their palette to dazzling effect. Their trademark whipping guitars are weaving harsh melodies and sinister soundscapes, which are beautifully contrasted by opulent keyboards and majestic orchestrations. That Till Lindemann (RAMMSTEIN) and Peter Tägtgren (PAIN) have called upon the composition talent of Clemens “Ardek” Wijers is a telling sign of his outstanding mastery of the craft. Another signatory counterpoint is provided by Seregor’s fierce rasping and shrieking vocals. Adding to the impact, Namtar has become a relentless driving force with his hart hitting yet intricate drumming. Each track on this album is a highlight on its own, while combined ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’ simply shines.

CARACH ANGREN set out to tell ghost-stories with a set of paranormal cases recorded on the demo ‘The Chase Vault Tragedy’ (2004). This was soon followed by the official release of the ‘Ethereal Veiled Existence’ EP (2005) as a prelude to the haunting ‘Lammendam’ (2008). The Dutch had a clear vision of combining a dark baroque style of metal with horror based lyrical concepts. Their sophomore full-length ‘Death Came through a Phantom Ship’ (2010) witnessed the band setting sail to bring their eccentric and capturing live performances to audiences and festivals all over Europe. In the wake of third album ‘Where the Corpses Sink Forever’ (2012), the haunting had reached the Americas and started to spread rapidly. This recorded added a serious side to the lyrics of CARACH ANGREN. While firmly remaining in the horror genre, their tales revolve around the evils of war. This mature streak was taken a step further with the fourth full-length ‘This Is No Fairytale’, which is on the surface a darker variation of the “Hansel and Gretel” story from the Brothers Grimm collection, but also deals with the too real topic of child abuse in a dysfunctional family.

With ‘Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten’, CARACH ANGREN are returning to “pure” storytelling with episodes that are centered on a girl playing a little too long with her Ouija board. The Dutch have pushed their unashamedly theatric style to a new intense height. You do not believe us yet? Press play and unleash these radiant ghosts into your home…

Lost Society was founded in 2010 by guitarist and vocalist Samy Elbanna in Jyväskylä, Finland.

After several line-up changes, in the summer of 2011 the band reached it’s final form with Ossi Paananen on the drums, Arttu Lesonen on the guitar and Mirko Lehtinen on the bass.

The band recorded two demos during 2011-2012 and participated in a few band competitions, while also playing small shows in youth centers both in their hometown and elsewhere in Finland.

The biggest band competition the guys took part in was the Global Battle Of Bands, and after winning the Finnish chapter they made it all the way to the 2012 world finals in London. Their Finnish finals performance of the song “Trash All Over You” was recorded on video and released in YouTube, and it is from there that the Nuclear Blast Records representative spotted the band.

After that, the ball really started rolling. The band was signed to Nuclear Blast in the summer of 2012, and recorded their first album, titled “Fast Loud Death”, in September of the same year in Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki with producer Nino Laurenne. The album was released in March 2013, and was well received all around the world. Fueled by the positive feedback, the band set on their first, 4 gig Finnish tour supporting one of their idols, Overkill.

Come summer 2013, the band hit some of the biggest festivals in Finland e.g. Tuska Open Air, Ilosaarirock and Jalometalli. In October 2013 Lost Society was given an incredible opportunity, and the band hopped on a plane to Japan, where they performed in the enormous Loud Park festival in front of an enthusiastic Japanese crowd.
Once they returned home, the band wasted no time before heading back to Sonic Pump Studios to record their second album with their trusted producer Nino Laurenne.
Before the second album was even released, Lost Society set out on their most ambitious endeavour to date in the form of a 31-day, 31-gig European Tour with Suicidal Angels, Fueled By Fire and Exarsis. The tour got massive attention all over Europe, and fortified Lost Society’s position in the frontline of today’s Thrash Metal scene

The album, titled “Terror Hungry”, was released in April 2014 and was received with even more enthusiasm than it’s predecessor. It displayed the growth of the band as musicians and song-writers, and introduced an overall more mature Lost Society that showed no signs of slowing down.

After releasing the album the band set out on a Finnish tour, gathering enthusiastic crowds in clubs all over the country. This was followed by a festival summer even bigger than the year before, and the band got to play for massive crowds everywhere they went. This time the festivals weren’t limited to Finland, and Lost Society got to play in grand festivals such as Summer Breeze in front of huge masses of people.

The festival summer was followed by a second European tour supporting Destruction, as well as a headlining Spanish tour.

The band has had the pleasure of touring with many of their idols, including two tours with Children Of Bodom, and continues to gain recognition as one of the most energetic live performers around today.

In 2015, the band has already made their second trip to Japan and played a number of shows in Finland, and also performed on the main stage of France’s massive HellFest festival.

They are currently recording the third Lost Society album, which will according to frontman Samy Elbanna be “awesome as f**k”. With the new album, the band will keep bringing the audience what they ask for and continue to flood the world with Braindead Thrash Metal.

Uncured is a progressive death metal 4-piece from NYC that is attracting international attention for its combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs, and beautiful melodic interludes.  Uncured recently concluded a 6-week tour of North America with Swedish metal giantsKatatonia.  Uncured will be touring the U.S. this August and September with DevilDriver, and withChildren of Bodom in the Fall.


Uncured was founded in 2015 by brothers Rex Coxand Zak Cox.  Zak and Rex both play guitar and sing, and together wrote all of the material on “Medusa”.  Joining Uncured on drums is Liam Manley from Portland, Oregon.  Liam has over 13 years experience playing drums, including five years of professional session work with various artists across the U.S.  Jon Kita from Boston, Massachusetts, who also plays with metal stalwart Diecast, rounds out the Uncured line-up on bass.


Uncured released its first full-length record Medusa on March 10, 2017. MetalSucks wrote that Medusa is “a synthesis of all manner of melodic, progressive, technical metal — Dream Theater,Opeth, et al. — mixed with a groovy, almost tribal approach trafficked by ’90s stalwarts likeSepultura and Fear Factory.  Have those two genres ever been mixed together before?  Probably, somewhere.  Have they ever been mixed together before with such finesse and originality?  Certainly not.”


​Uncured is quickly gaining a reputation among fans and critics for its aggressive, technical, yet highly diverse live performances.


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