Invidia, ‘As The Sun Sleeps’ Album Review

Today I am taking a look at As The Sun Sleeps, the debut release from Invidia, which has members from Five Finger Death Punch, Skinlab, In This Moment, and Six Ounce Gloves. I’ve heard of both FFDP and Skinlab, so I had high expectations for some badass modern metal. Let’s take a look at how it turned out….

I’ll say this, this album is a great gym playlist record. There’s a lot of anthemic/catchy metal riffs and chorus hooks that are head-bangin’ goodness for getting pumped in the weight room. The album is constantly driving, high-energy, and is well produced.

    Immediately when I started the album I couldn’t help but draw the parallel to Disturbed, but it was so much so I had to double check my iPhone screen and make sure that I didn’t play a Disturbed playlist from Spotify. Although I enjoyed the continuous slamming energy for the gym, I found it quite exhausting to listen through fully when sitting down; the onslaught of heavy riffs and slamming drums turn into a wall of noise, where each riff seems to blend into each other, the drum beats sound all too similar, and I couldn’t recall which melody is from which song. I’ll break down some of likes and dislikes below.



  • One of my favorite moments is the verse of Rotten, where it has this push and pull dynamic between a laid back bar and then responds with a tearing riff and scream. Honestly, the performance of those screams in those verses makes me want to punch my way through a mountain.


  • The Other Side stands out overall above the rest. It’s got a less pop sounding but still catchy chorus, and I enjoy the dichotomy of the chugs against the clean riff at points. The vocal harmonies are really refreshing to hear, and are a bit of a cleanser from some of the heavier parts.




  • Tracks 2, 3, and 4 start with drum fills that all sound like afterthoughts. The fact that it’s back to back makes it hilarious to click through if you just listen to the start of each track. The 9th track has a fast drum fill intro but it seems like it was meant to be there so I don’t mind that intro.


  • The arrangements are so predictable, so I wasn’t often thinking “woah, that was a great transition” nor did I feel surprised by the sections that were coming up next. I feel like there’s ways to spice things up while still being accessible to the masses, but keeping it interesting and dynamic to listen to.


This record has it’s place, and it’s best enjoyed a few songs at a time. I have a place in my heart for metal like this, but I wouldn’t say it is changing the game for metal. Crank it up and hit that bench press PR!

Reviewed By: John McLucas
Audio Engineer/Producer


1. Now Or Never
2. Making My Amends
3. Feed The Fire
4. Rotten
5. Marching Dead
6. Smell The Kill
7. Till Death
8. Step Up
9. Truth In The Sky
10. The Other Side
11. As The Sun Sleeps


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