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New Single: Love Thy Enemy
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The greatest challenge to date your band has met and conquered was?
Danny Perry- Besides getting our single “Love thy enemy” on the radio, just getting the ball rolling on this second record which has been a major pain, buy hey all the best things start at the perfect time.
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Prior to an evening’s performance do the band members have a ritual or exercise or something unique they do before hitting the stage?
Danny Perry- The band, roadies, and Managers are always welcome to a group prayer to God. Its what we do to get us ready to change lives.
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The biggest thrill when playing on stage is?
Danny Perry- Seeing the pits, the crowd reacting to how your acting, and singing the lyrics.
That feeling in particular compared to others. Cant wait to see more of that.
Ariel- I love connecting with everyone who came out to see us, when they start singing our songs I think I actually get lost in the moment. But one of the best feelings is looking to my left and seeing Danny playing, I’m truly grateful to play such beautiful music with him.
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Does the band have an opening song by another band they like to have played just prior to going on stage?
Danny Perry- No, I will most certainly push that! We do have a pretty cool intro before we go on stage thats part of the of show.
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What is the bands favorite fast food eatery when on the road?
Danny Perry and Ariel- White Castle!!!
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When you want to buy music how do each of you buy it? Download, CD, Vinyl or ?
Danny Perry- I buy it all man,1 holding the record is way cooler than streaming it on your phone.
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When performing in a several band line-up do you have a particular place in the line-up of 1,2,3, last that you as a band like to perform?
Danny Perry- We like playing last, no matter how cold or hot it is we want last.
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If you each could say a few positive words about each other in the band- what words would you choose to describe one another?
Danny Perry- Well All of the guys are a bunch of goofballs. Ariel is a Riff manufacture , Sully is an amazing performer, and wolf is my long life friend. A mix of what can make a great band.
Ariel- Well id have to say Danny is an incredible musician and songwriter. Writing with him is so easy and comforting, it just feels right. He’s also got an incredible ear for what tone he’s looking for in our music, which really
opened my mind for what kinda sound id like coming outta my amp. I owe him a lot.
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