Interview with Joe Grotto, Owner of Joe’s Grotto..

       Soundwave Brigade has a special interview that we would like to share with you, we have been wanting to do this for some time now and with scheduling conflicts, we finally were able to make this happen. We wanted to show some of our appreciation for someone who has been an integrated part of our music scene here in Phoenix, Arizona and our community for over two decades. This is a great honor for us to be able to invite you to watch our interview with Joe Grotto, owner of Joe’s Grotto.

       Joe’s Grotto has been an active music venue located here in Phoenix, Arizona since 1994. There is a lot of history with this venue as there have been so many local musicians and bands, to national and international touring acts passing through the doors of Joe’s Grotto. Located at 13825 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ. There is always something going on or in the works at Joe’s Grotto for more information about Joe’s Grotto we have some links for you listed below, so go to their website for more details and don’t forget to check their calendar for future events and shows!

       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Joe for taking the time out to do this interview, and all he has done here for our music scene and we wish him the best as he continues to do what what he loves to do and many more years of it and we look forward to helping him achieve and celebrate his 30th anniversary of operation(which is 8 years from now). Thank you Joe for all your support here in the valley, and giving people a place to celebrate music. All of us had fun doing this interview and we hope that anyone who takes the time to watch it, does too!
                 Thanks again Joe from Adam and Alex at


  1. I’ve been regularly going to Joe’s Grotto for over 20 years and seen a lot of awesome shows there, Joe is an awesome guy and even caught his band many times and shared many laughs with him. Wish him and the venue the best!

  2. Joe has been great to my band League of Zeros, giving us the opportunity to perform our music with many of the bands that play at his place. Great guy, great venue, thanks Joe for your continued support.

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