In This Moment “Ritual” Album Review

“Ritual” by In This Moment – Album Review
1 disc, 12 tracks
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


Wild, sensuous, and inviting, hair-whip and crawl to the barbaric yet fierce masterpiece, a brand new album, Ritual by the one and only In This Moment. Owning an apocalyptic sound that meets beautifully with untamed metal, this album is a great follow up from their last album, The Black Widow, but is matchless in terms of power, enthusiasm, and creative spunk. One may feel as though the album focuses more on instrumentation, dynamics, and execution, however, this does not shy away from the artistry of the lyrics.

Different, yet still playful, In This Moment showcases a track dissimilar to all others. Choppy and spright pianos alongside an anthem-like sound, “Black Wedding” may even be considered a fan favorite! Taking a well-known verse of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”, and putting their own special twist on it; In This Moment invites, featured artist iconic Rob Halford of Judas Priest, to create a knock-out piece together. This vocal pair truly complements one another in generating a very loud, vivacious, and pumping song, fitting the instrumentation exquisitely.

Speaking of using notorious tracks, In This Moment also includes a cover of Phil Collins’, “In The Air Tonight”. Soft and haunting, but ending the track with punching drum-heavy energy, there is nothing but high praise on the cover.
It was more than a challenge to choose a favorite, being impossible to compare the adoration between tracks like “Black Wedding”, “Joan Of Arc”, the sinister new wave influence within “Witching Hour”, groovin’ “Half God Half Devil”, and more. The only red flag, personally, was that “River of Fire” sounds a bit too similar to “Oh Lord”. Otherwise, this album is straight fire!

Including singles, “Oh Lord” and “Roots”, this album is screaming to be a part of your favorites. Grab a copy at ! This album receives a strong rating of 9 out of 10! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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