In Loving Memory of Melina Dellamarggio

I sit here shocked with tears running down my face with a loss for words on how this can even be true. You last messaged me on Thursday, Aug 18, 2016 at 4:42PM. I should have acted on that and drove over to be with you. When your phone called me on Sunday, Aug 21, 2016 at 11:02AM, I answered and said “Well good morning sunshine” When I heard your mom’s voice on the other end I already knew I was too late and I have lost you 🙁

I don’t even know where to begin.. You are truly an amazing person and have touched the hearts of so many including mine. I loved our random adventures up north to take pictures and to just get away. I loved our adventures across state lines to attend these amazing shows and to do what we love doing and capture the moments of music. I loved always seeing you in the photo pit and doing what you loved doing. I loved it even when I got a little smile out of you 🙂 You have always been such an amazing person to me opened up your heart and have helped me in so many ways. I will always remember you no matter what. Every time I am in that pit and don’t see you, I will know you are still there doing what you love doing.

People should love those around them as we never know when they will no longer be with us any longer. Many may seem like they are happy but in reality we cry ourselves to sleep every night. Just because someone may be beautiful, have a nice car, nice home or may be putting a smile on their face in public.. Many times they might not be so happy after all. I can’t speak for Melina, but I have been in those spots many times through life. Cherish those around you, especially those you love <3 Melina, you will always hold a place in my heart and I will always remember you. I hope you are living a new life pain free and doing what you love to do. XOXOXO

Pain and Depression is a bitch ;(
“We are infinite beings of light, forever refracted in time…Forget me not, for I am with you always”……..

The family made a post on her personal Facebook page which can be found here:

You can find her personal website also here:

She may not know it but she touched the hearts and lives of many people. Whether it was something simple or complex she helped people any way she could.


After just confirming which day for sure that Melina passed I rest a little easier.. Melina passed on August 19, 2016. Which is also know as “World Photography Day” Did this happen for a reason? I can’t answer that question. All I know is that she passed on a day that is dedicated to her and what she loved to do.






  1. This post is so moving …. I feel blessed to have known her, even if it was just on Facebook… She always took the time to answer my silly questions about how to take pics with my new camera… The world is a sadder place without her.

  2. I didn’t know her too well. Just small talk at shows and messenging each other on Facebook. We mainly spoke about music and how awesome I thought her life was. Seeing her photos always excited me. They were smile makers. I’m going to miss seeing them. Ima miss seeing her. It says a Lot about someone when I barely knew her yet her works inspired and touched me the way she did

  3. I am shocked and saddened to lose such a great friend, mentor and creative force. She was happiest when she was making others happy. I just wish she could have loved herself more and realized how much life she had before her. I last spoke to her Wednesday night and I regret not telling her how much she meant to me. I was closer to her than people that I see every day. She was delicate and strong. She felt things in way that was more intense than mere mortals. She saw beauty in the world around her and captured it for others to enjoy. There’s a gaping hole in my life, my heart and in my soul. She pushed me to be better. I only regret that I never met her in person. I was planning on visiting her this fall. She loved her animals, friends and family. She was a desert rose.

  4. I remember when she called me about her friend back east. She was so devastated that he took his own life. She told me she was going to contact the band Chevelle and have them use his photos instead of hers. She always thought of others first. She was an inspiration and selfless. I hope her two dogs and Finn are OK. She loved them dearly. She actually told me two weeks ago that she was frustrated with her photography. I remember feeling really bad about that. I told her she didn’t have to do it if she wasn’t enjoying it. I told her to paint, write, play music. She could do anything. Her creativity was boundless. She was so gifted and such a great person. Not not only did she help strangers, but she helped animals. She put others before herself. I guess we could all learn a lesson from her. I wish I had told her how important she was and could help fill the hole she felt. I was so concerned months ago, but it seemed like the dark clouds had parted and she was going to pursue a big opportunity in NY.

  5. She also messaged me at 4:40 on thursday as well, saying she hoped everything worked out for the best for me – which i thought was kind of odd for Melina. She came to visit me in Ct, was my personal cheering team for encouraging me to overcome disability obstacles, as we comforted each other on foot issues. She wanted me to have a nice camera, so she bought me one as a surprise. Always selfless, never selfish, and will be sorely missed. She enhance all she touched, and photographed. Love you Melina. <3

    • I last spoke to her Wednesday and we shared a few emails and text messages on Thursday. I keep looking at my phone hoping to see her name and picture pop up. I feel like I should have done more. She was really despondent like a month ago and I was so concerned that I made her stay on the phone with me for hours until she fell asleep. She apologized to me the next day. It makes me happy to see that she did so much for so many people, but it saddens me to think of the void she left. I feel so bad for her mom, dad and brother. She loved them all. We were just talking about her father like two weeks ago. She loved her new cat, Finn. We were just playing songs to each other over the phone. She was playing Alice In Chains and I was playing Dazed and Confused for her. I saw some signs, but I felt like she had overcome the obstacles and was on her way to a new life in either NY or Denver. I’m off of Facebook for now, so I can’t respond to anyone, but know I’m getting your messages. I wish I had the money to establish a scholarship in her name. I want her name and legacy to continue forever. She was not just an amazing photographer, but a true artist. An incredibly gifted individual and one of the best people I’ve ever known. She shared the beauty of the world with all of us.

  6. Generous, genuine, sweet, kind hearted, quirky, funny, intensely creative/artistic, intelligent…
    These are all words that describe what and who this woman was to a LOT of people.

    Rest In Peace, Our Beautiful Melina <3

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