I Set My Friends On Fire – 10 Years of Slaughter Tour at Pub Rock Live

On March 13, 2018, I Set My Friends On Fire touch down in Scottsdale, AZ at Pub Rock with tour-mates Awaken I Am and Kissing Candice. Joining them on the stage was local heavy metal band Glass Creatures.

Glass Creatures hit the stage promptly, while the audience stood in the back grabbing drinks and talking to each other they hit the crowd with a heavy metal song that would drawl in the crowd and keep them front and center. They continue to rock the crowd with a set filled with heavy breakdowns which got the crowd warmed up for what was to come.

Next up was Awaken I Am, a band from Australia who unlike their tour-mates brought a calmer sound but still in the same vein of the post-hardcore metal genre. They hit the crowd with their progressive pop-rock songs giving the crowds the opportunity to fill in the standing area of the venue and sing along to catchy songs that were played.

Third on deck was Kissing Candice who immediately gathered the crowd and packed the standing area in front of the stage. As the heaviest of all the bands that played throughout the evening, Kissing Candice definitely put a great show on.

Taking the stage dressed like demons and tormented creatures from the nightmares you hope you would never have, their set was filled with heavy screams, deep pig squeals, killer breakdowns to make the crowd head-bang, and fast shredding guitars that got the crowd pushing and shoving each other.

For the last band of the evening but the band of the night, I Set My Friends On Fire finishes the show with an amped and ready crowd. The post-hardcore metal band as promised played every track on their record “You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter”; not in any particular order.

The crowd gathers squeezing tighter toward the front of the stage, each song gets the crowd fired up from head-banging to screaming, to singing along and then eventually the moshing begins. At the ending of their set they close with their fan favorite, a post-hardcore cover of Soulja Boy Tell’m’s  “Superman”.

I Set My Friends On Fire

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Kissing Candice

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Awaken I Am

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Glass Creatures

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