Hobosexual “Monolith” Album Review

Hobosexual – “Monolith” (Kitchentable Records)
By: Tom Hanno

Hobosexual, a rock band from Seattle, has a new album out called Monolith. This album is full of 1970’s classic rock swagger, hard hitting guitar riffs, and rock god vocals a la Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, and even Bon Scott. They list their influences, in an almost comedic fashion, on their Facebook pages about section. Said influences are listed as such, AC/DC, CCR, T-Rex, Merle Haggard, John Lee Hooker, Beastie Boys, Freddie King, Outkast, Digital Underground, NWA, Nazareth, Fugazi, Drunk Horse, The Kills, Red Fang, the “Ghostbusters” Original motion picture soundtrack, Monster Magnet, Devo, Your Mom. Obviously these guys have a sense of humor, and an extensive variety of genres to pull from.

The first track, “Cincinnati Juggernaut”, is an apt representation of what this band is about. There is no intro, just a flat out, balls to the wall kick into high gear. I love the piano in it, as it adds a really cool, old-school rock vibe to the track. The vocals, what can I say about them that is a fitting explanation? Range, plenty of it, and they’re executed perfectly. The only part of this track I wasn’t into was the weird, jazz influenced breakdown; the song would have been much better without it there, because it just didn’t seem to fit into the track right.

“Monsterbater” is a throwback to the glory days of AC/DC. Bon Scott would be proud of the legacy his band has left, and that newer groups are utilizing the tools they left behind. Another example of hard rocking riffs coupled with a thunderous back section, and vocals that remind me of Bon Scott and Robert Plant, think Led Zeppelin IV vocals for this. This is a killer track!!!!

“The Grey Mountain” has a really cool intro part, with guitars that are definitely Zeppelin inspired; I love Led Zeppelin, and so this makes it even better. The overall tone changes when the vocals enter, and not in a bad way at all. This is my personal pick for the best song on the whole album!!!

“Up the Down Walls” is another great tune. I love the spacey quality to the vocals, and the guitars are once again rocking the hell out of anyone else that is in their genre. I was really impressed by this one; it’s minimalistic in comparison with the rest of the tracks here, but not by much. Once again, a killer tune from this excellent group of musicians.

The last song on the album is called “VHS or Sharon Stone”, and it begins with an ethereal type of sound. Minimalist again, especially when compared to songs like “Cincinnati Juggernaut”, but it shows the ability of this band to write songs that are in your face, and songs that are a bit mellower. I really dig this song, and the vocals are almost spoken word poetry, but not really either.

Hobosexual have created such a great album with Monolith. It is a throwback to the 1970’s, but with a modern edge thrown into it. I highly urge you all to give this album a listen, and make sure you hear it as a whole so you can see what I was talking about here. Enjoy!!!!!

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