HELLYEAH Doll Skin InterFate coverage at Livewire Feb 2016

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Tonight here in Scottsdale Arizona at the Livewire it is Sunday February 21,2016 and Music Watchdog is here to cover tonight’s show, with a line already waiting outside the venue in wait of Hellyeah,with Doll Skin and Interfate!

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Kicking off the start of tonight’s events is a local band known as Interfate and this is their first time playing here. Interfate is a hard rock band from Phoenix Arizona comprised of Jordan Sanchez (Vocals/Guitar), Ty Koile (Bass/Vocals), Charles Kendall (Drums), and Carl Martinez (Guitar). This quartet is no stranger to the local scene here in Phoenix while playing in many venues in Tempe, Scottsdale, and of course Phoenix! As well as even performing in California as well and even the famous Whiskey a Go Go and sharing the stage with many well known national acts. Interfate’s prior stage experience was obvious as Jordan and Ty performed with clean and harsh vocal styles and their welcoming nature to the audience.The band performed a solid set with smooth operation with their newest member being Carl who has only been with the band for little over a month. They closed their set with a cover that the crowd immediately recognized and welcomed, that being “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson. A short set that really got the crowd hyped and made an impression that was clear by the cheer at the end of Interfate’s part in tonight’s show!

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Interfate currently has an EP available called Shedding Skin, and a new single out called “Tremble”, and we will see them again very soon, here’s a hint 3-26-16. For more information go to interfatemusic.com or follow them on Facebook.


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Next to take the stage is Doll Skin, a local band from here in Phoenix that has been very active lately with Sydney Dolezal (Leads Vocals / Guitar), Alex Snowden (Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals), Nicole Rich (Bass / Backup Vocals), and Meghan Herring (Drums / Backup Vocals). Forming in 2013, and after competing in a local Rock Revelation Battle Of The Bands with a secret celebrity judge would bring them together with David Ellefson (Megadeth bassist and co-founder) and the EMP Label Group.

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With the release of their 2015 EP In Your Face through Megaforce records(with EMP) they have embarked on a busy concert schedule with some very notable shows and joining in with Metal Allegiance for their four date southwest tour, The 2016 Shiprocked Cruise, and their first appearance at this year’s NAMM show and performing at the Schecter Guitars party at The Juke Joint Anaheim!

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Doll Skin may be a young and new band in the eyes and ears of music, but don’t let their youth fool you……they embrace the stage with a powerful performance with serious dedication to their music and show. Tonight here at Livewire, from the very beginning of their show there is no missing that Sydney has a voice on her. Displaying a vocal range that is captivating with strong emotion and passion resonating from her. With Alex and Nicole on each side of Dolezal and Meghan presiding over her drums equally engage the audience with the same level of talent, enthusiasm, and showmanship that is beyond that of their teenage years.

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The interaction between the audience and Doll Skin is growing after every song they perform for the crowd that is recognizing the ever-changing dynamic of the show they are witnessing. Performing songs from their EP as well as some new songs that are soon to be released, and some cover songs such as Wolfmother’s “Woman”, and “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette. “Uninvited” really grabbed the attention of those who there to see the emotion build in this cover and the loud hard rocking change up into Snowden coming center stage and erupting into a shredding guitar solo into the conclusion of this song and was followed with loud cheers and whistles by the crowd along with her until the end of the song! With Alex stepping back to prepare for the next song, Sydney steps forward and gestures toward Snowden and calls for the audience “To Give It Up!”, and the applause exploded with approval!

       Their last song of the night was “Family Of Strangers”, just the right song to end their show as it has been so many firsts for them. The first song that Doll Skin ever wrote, the first track off their EP, and first music video. After the song ends through the cheer Sydney steps forward and with a simple, “Thank you so much everybody we are Doll Skin!” With the crowd continuing to cheer, Dolezal again says, “Thank you guys so Much!” and they exit the stage, ending their show.

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And such an impressive show it was, with Sydney, Alex, and Nicole coming forward and interacting with the crowd and even getting the audience to sing along with one of their songs. It was clear that Doll Skin had won this crowd with their live performance, and display of talent, passion, and interaction. Awesome job Doll Skin!

      These girls work hard on their music and it is evident in their live shows and once again Doll Skin is embarking on another first, on March 10th at the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona with the Dead Kennedys will kick off the start of the Doll Skin Spring Tour 2016! Their first headlining run in the United States, and then in April they will join Otep, Lacey Sturm, September Mourning, and Through Fire on the Generation Doom Tour! So for more information about tour dates, updates, and any other additional information go to dollskinband.com or their Facebook page.

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Music Watchdog has had a lot of interaction with Doll Skin and the team behind them(You know who you are!) and we have covered four of their shows in two different states from small gigs to big ones. So we can tell you that Doll Skin really does deliver a great live show with the same passion, energy, interaction and intensity at every show we’ve seen them perform. Every show after their set, the band goes over to their merch booth and signs autographs and take pictures with their fans. Yes, we are watching Doll Skin, but we also watch the crowd’s reaction to their shows and we’ve noticed many times the reaction of the adults in the audience and how Doll Skin impresses them too!


      These young women are talented, driven musicians that earn their fan base through their live shows. They may have started out as a “glitter” punk band, but Doll Skin is certainly evolving.

       Great job Sydney, Alex, Nicole, and Meghan, and the team behind you, from Music Watchdog!

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The concertgoers of Livewire tonight have had a great time with Interfate and Doll Skin, both delivering solid performances of their own. Now the crowd of hyped fans are in wait to welcome Hellyeah to the stage.

       Hellyeah is a heavy metal band that is beginning their 10th year with Chad Gray (Vocals), Tom Maxwell (Guitar), Christian Brady (Guitar), Kyle Sanders (Bass), and Vinnie Paul (Drums). Forming in 2006 as a supergroup of members from such notable bands as Mudvayne, Nothingface, Pantera, and now in the current lineup coming from Bloodsimple, and Magna-Fi. Although Hellyeah may still be defined as a supergroup, they have forged themselves into an entity that stands on it’s own efforts. After four albums and numerous tours, Hellyeah has come to Scottsdale tonight to unleash hell!

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With a welcoming roar from the crowd Hellyeah takes the stage, and after a brief interlude from Chad addressing their fans with a welcoming speech of their own with a strong emphasis on that Hellyeah has “Their Back As Well!”, the show begins.

       Hellyeah unleashes the fury of their show with “HellYeah”, with Chad wasting no time to again come forward to the crowd and welcome them. Upholding their reputation of a “Give It All Attitude” towards their fans, Maxwell, Christian, and Kyle use any open opportunity to also interact with the crowd. Standing upon a riser, Chad’s distinct vocal style delivered songs such as “Demons In The Dirt” and “Cross To Bier (Cradle Of Bones)” to the grateful audience before them. Even the legendary Vinnie emerging from his massive drum kit like he was commanding a full fledged main battle tank to wave at the crowd.

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After delivering an epic show here at Livewire, Hellyeah continues to show their gratitude and appreciation for their fans by assembling in front center stage to invite the crowd to join them in a picture and turn back towards the drums with the crowd behind them to solidify the moment, and now comes the end of the Blood For Blood Tour!

       Hellyeah, ready for their next chapter are preparing to release album #5 here real soon, and just announced the band will be hitting the road again April 30th in Jacksonville, Florida for the full We’re All In This Together Tour which will feature Escape The Fate, New Years Day, and From Ashes To New. Any updates and for more tour information please go to Hellyeahband.com or their Facebook page.

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Music Watchdog would like to thank Hellyeah, Doll Skin, and Interfate, as well as Livewire for an awesome show!!

                     Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex at Music Watchdog.com

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