Helhorse, Denmark’s fiercest purveyors of an almost unholy mixture of dirty metal, punk, and classic rock, which results in their own DNA-distinct and sludgy sound, have dropped the video for the pulse-pounding lead single “Hell of a Ride.” The song lives on the band’s self-titled release, out May 13.

Produced and edited by Plastickid, shot by Theis Mortensen, and staged in a simple setting, the video features a bunch of rowdy friends and the band in its peak “sounding like the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy” form.


The song lives up to its title. It bursts at the seams with ominous, explosive energy and summons in the listener an inexplicable urge to break something, anything.


Join the party and bring the house down with the gargantuan riff monster that is Helhorse’s  “Hell of a Ride” video.


Helhorse Track Listing:


  1. “Carry Your Own”
  2. “Among the Wolves”
  3. “Fortune Favours the Bold”

4.” I”

  1. “The Blood Boiler”
  2. “Hell of a Ride”
  3. “II”
  4. “Raise the Black Flag”
  5. “III”
  6. “My Haven/Your Hell”
  7. “No Fucks Given”

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