Hawthorne Heights Mest and the Ataris coverage feb 2016

On February 12, 2016 we packed our bags and headed out to Livewire once again for the evening. Myself and Beverly arrived a little early to scope things out and get a feel for the crowd. Doors opened and we made our way into the venue. With these three big headliners it was filling up quick with people.

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First up on stage was Hawthorne Heights. Dressed in all white they took the stage by force and got the crowd moving. The fans were really enjoying the vibe and sounds of the music. People dancing, moving back and forth and some even getting in some crowd surfing. They played an amazing set for sure. Also wanted to thank the crew for allowing me to get an interview in. You can watch that above 🙂

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Next we had Mest.. Now they really got the crowd going. Tony is a freaking rockstar. He jumped from the stage onto the barrier from the crowd and got them pumped. He jumped out into the crowd hung out with some fans along the surf and was just an all out awesome person and loved to interact with the fans. Jeremiah, Matt, and Nick all played their hearts out as well. This was a high energy band who re-formed to bring back some amazing music.

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Next up we have The Ataris. The night started to get later and the crowd started to mellow down a bit, but that didn’t stop these guys for giving it their all. With these guys being around since 1995 they are well known for the great punk rock style music they play. Kristopher was amazing on the mic, and Bryan, Thomas and Nick all did a killer job as well. Please go check them out and give a like/listen/follow.


Also as usual I wanted to thank the Livewire staff for everything that they do. Great job at once again on putting a great show together and keeping the great service going.

Photos By: Beverly Shumway

Photos By: Music Watchdog




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