HATEBREED: lyric video for provocative track “A.D.”

“The dream can’t be what it used to be, ever again”


On HATEBREED’s upcoming release The Concrete Confessional (May 13, Nuclear Blast), a number of tracks provide a pragmatic look at issues that have become front-and-center in today’s New Normal, and the track “A.D.” is a case in point.  Reflecting what is today a challenging time, it’s a song that fuses together frustration with torrential thrashed-out guitars, double bass drums, and Jamey Jasta’s immortal growl.


“‘A.D.’ was a way that I could voice my frustration about the loss of opportunities available to the average guy,” said lyricist/vocalist Jamey Jasta.  “With the government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the everyday person is being squeezed, so achieving the American Dream is becoming less and less real.”

“We all need to pay closer attention to what our elected leaders are doing,” Jasta added.  “Start locally, in your own community, make your representatives accountable.”


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The Grammy-nominated HATEBREED – Jasta, Frank Novinec/guitar, Chris Beattie/.bass, Wayne Lozinak/guitar, and Matt Byrne/drums – worked again with long-time producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel) on The Concrete Confessional, the band’s seventh full-length recording.  The band will support the album with extensive touring, starting first with a headline run of the European Impericon Festivals 2016 that starts April 22 in Germany, and then headlining a 25-date North American trek with Devildriver (on all dates), Devil You Know and Act of Defiance on selected dates.  Go to www.hatebreed.com for the complete itinerary.



The dream can’t be

What it used to be, ever again

I don’t want this dream or the grievance it brings

Can’t justify greed at the cost of equality

Tangled in endless archaic chains

Of power, profit, gain

What about the poor bearing poverty’s marks

What about the sick whose lives are torn apart

What about those whose rights aren’t respected

A nation of youth dejected

It’s time to rethink this dream you call American

Corrupt beliefs that some will call their heritage

A burdened soul once searching for liberty

Crowned in debt as the new face of slavery

Tied by design with a senseless hope

And a never-ending rope

What about the leaders abusing authority

Corrupt moral compass, guarded bureaucracy

What about those who died so we can live

Our complacency must end

It’s time to rethink this dream you call American

Corrupt beliefs that some will call their heritage

The dream can’t be

What it used to be, ever again

Spirits of the slain

Hiding in the corners of my mind

Screaming when I kneel to look inside

Stomach fucking turning

And now it’s disconcerting

Fight fire with fire, you’ll see everyone’s burning

Turn on the TV for the murder spree

Get distracted while they take your civil liberty

Thoughts and prayers again…

Is that what it’ll take

Which industries profit while lives are at stake

Now hear the media fools discuss the killer’s mind

Staring at the screen to tell us what they find

Manifesto, dollar worship, get on your knees

So they can sell us a cure for the American disease

It’s time to rethink this dream they call American

Corrupt system of beliefs some will call their heritage

It’s time to rethink this dream they call American

So one day it can mean something real again

The Concrete Confessional will be released on May 13th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The long awaited follow-up to The Divinity Of Purpose was produced by longtime collaborator Zeuss (ROB ZOMBIE, SUICIDE SILENCE, WHITECHAPEL) and mixed by Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH). Artwork was created by Marcelo Vasco (SLAYER).


The Concrete Confessional track list:

  1. A.D.
  2. Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
  3. Seven Enemies
  4. In The Walls
  5. From Grace We’ve Fallen
  6. Us Against Us
  7. Something’s Off
  8. Remember When
  9. Slaughtered In Their Dreams
  10. The Apex Within
  11. Walking The Knife
  12. Dissonance
  13. Serve Your Masters


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Photo credit: Jeremy Saffer

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