GWAR 30th anniversary marquee theatre

Thank you GWAR for 30yrs of awesome music.. I hope you stick around for another 30…Once upon a time in a land far far away… Ok more like 30yrs ago this band called GWAR emerged from the ashes.. What can I say about them? Well for them to survive for this long you know they have to be great? Sadly it took me 30yrs to finally attend my first ever show for them.. I have to say I’m sad I never attended sooner.

Last night’s show out at Marquee Theatre was an awesome show for sure.. with a packed house and the stage filled with amazing characters they did awesome. I always heard about past shows from friends who attended. What I was warned about was the mass amounts of blood from the cannons used to spray the audience. So what did I do? I got a plastic bag covered the camera up and tried to capture the best moments of the night. Well I think I did a pretty good job for my first time 🙂 I got pretty bloody, but the camera survived to shoot another show in the future. The sound was amazing the costumes kicked ass and the stage performance was also a huge hit.

Thank you for 30yrs of awesome music, I hope you stick around for another 30..


It has been 29 years since the heavy metal holocaust known as GWAR burst upon our world in an explosion of blood, guts, and screaming steel. In this time they have revealed themselves not only as the un-disputed masters of “shock rock”, but also as an international cultural icon that has both touched the lives, and in some cases ruined the clothing, of many thousands of people. Often copied, never tamed, GWAR has set a standard of consistency in their work that is unmatched in rock and roll history. GWAR is currently supporting their 13th album, the incredible “Battle Maximus”, and will continue in their non-stop tour schedule until the world is finally brought into groveling submission, and GWAR at last attains its glorious destiny, whatever that is.

For those of you who were just born, GWAR is a group of alien monsters who were banished to Earth millions of years ago as punishment for their cosmic crimes. GWAR was frozen in the wasteland of Antarctica, to wait for the cosmic summons that would herald their return to the stars. But fate intervened, and GWAR was de-thawed by global warming.

Led (poorly) by pig-nosed lead singer Oderus Urungus, they began wandering the world, where they were quickly discovered by music mogul and mob boss Sleazy P. Martini. Transformed into the ultimate heavy metal band, they set about the business of destroying the human race with this savage sound, throwing great “concerts” where thousands of humans would be lured to their deaths. But this commotion would not go un-noticed in the vastness of the cosmos, and soon GWAR was under attack from a huge variety of both super and not-so powered adversaries. A GWAR show will see slaughter wrought upon anything within sword’s reach as GWAR defends their blood-soaked crown of metallic opulence from the legions of the lame that would seek to sully such things, and deprive YOU of the sick fun you so desperately need, need to make existence in this diseased and miserable world somehow bearable, even with an axe through your skull.

In the latest chapter of their epic adventures, GWAR has released GWAR’s Battle Maximus, their most mind-melting musical masterpiece to date, an homage to the mighty Flattus Maximus as well as an introduction to our newest Scumdog, the shred-diculous Pustulus Maximus. Will GWAR “come-correct” and satisfy their legions of slaves that they have not gone “all soft”, or will they nose dive into an over-sized tray of rotten deli-meat? Only one thing is for certain—GWAR rules!






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