Gemini Syndrome at Marquee Theatre, Oct 2016

       Gemini Syndrome returns to Arizona once again and this time they are performing in Tempe, at the Marquee Theatre along Red Sun Rising and Sevendust!

       Originating in 2010 in Los Angeles, California and classifying their music as Alternative Metal/Hard Rock and currently consisting of Aaron Nordstrom (Vocals), Alessandro Paveri (Bass), Brian Steele Medina (Drums), Daniel Sahagún (Guitar), and Charles Lee Salvaggio (Guitar). With the 2013 release of their debut album Lux, which reached #3 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and the final single released off the first album, “Stardust” peaked at No. 19 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in the United States.


       With the success of Lux, Gemini Syndrome would go on to tour and share the stage with many notable acts such as Five Finger Death Punch, Device, Slipknot and many other performing acts. With joining Another Century Records, Gemini Syndrome would record their sophomore album entitled, Memento Mori and release it on August 19th, 2016. On August 29th, 2016 the band posted on their Facebook page a thank you to their fans for making Memento Mori #1 on the Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart.

       The success of Gemini Syndrome can be measured in many ways, sure you can look at the numbers of varying charts and sales, but Gemini Syndrome has put a lot of time into their music and put many a mile on the roads of the tours that they have embarked on. That in itself is a sign of passion and commitment of the quintet as they continue forward with a drive that has earned them an ever growing fan base that they are grateful for. With an open mind and eye on their future, the band once again makes their return here to perform for their fans in Arizona and before tonight’s show we had the opportunity to speak with and catch up with Aaron as he gave us a moment of his time for a quick interview after Gemini Syndrome performed a 30 minute acoustic set for a small group of fans in the parking lot.

       A crowd of excited Synners have gathered here tonight in anticipation of the impending show and with the wait finding it’s end, the show begins with the stage going dark and an intro begins spanning over two minutes to reveal the silhouettes of the members of Gemini Syndrome emerging on stage through the darkness and dim red lighting as Aaron stands on a riser to wave at the crowd and then steps down to grab the mic and say, “ Arizona!….make some noise!”, and during the welcoming cheer from the crowd the show is on with “Eternity”.


       At the end of the first song Brian stands from behind his drums and waves to the crowd as Aaron once again coming forward to interact with the Synners before him and asks, “WTF,….how you feel?” Amidst the cheer and whistles coming from the crowd, he smiles and replies,”We are Gemini Syndrome”, and begin to perform “Basement”. Before the start of “Resurrection”, Nordstrom states to the audience filling the Marquee Theatre, “What a pleasure it is to be back”.

       Gemini Syndrome’s return was filled with a mix of material from their previous release and their latest as they performed “ Pleasure and Pain”, and “Remember We Die” with Charles, Alessandro, and Daniel equally presenting themselves and interacting with fans, along with the choreographed drum routines of Brian entertained the crowd throughout the show and we have a video of tonight’s performance to share with you, so please enjoy our live coverage of “Remember We Die” below.

       With the show approaching it’s finale, Gemini Syndrome didn’t disappoint with performing their most recognizable fan favorite “Stardust”, and the Synners went wild within the first few seconds after it’s beginning and followed along, until just past the halfway mark of the song as the band slowed the song down to a crawl as Aaron comes forward and says, “You know this song?,……sing it with me”, and with the band silent Aaron continues to sing solo with the crowd of fans joining him and after a brief pause, the band begins to play as they slowly follow the crowd as they bring the song back into full effect. With the song winding down to its conclusion, Nordstrom raises his arms and growls, “Thank you” before the audience as the show ends with all members on stage taking a moment to take in the massive display of applause directed at them, and with a final thankful gesture to the fans from each member of Gemini Syndrome they file out and exit the stage.


       There was no doubt that many people who came here tonight, had come to see Gemini Syndrome for they delivered an awesome show with only one downside, the band was hard to see as they were backlight for the duration of the show with the only time that the entire audience could fully see them from all around the venue was at the end of the show when they made their final thanks and exited the stage, but they still came and rocked!

       After the show members of the band came out to the merch booth to hang out with fans and sign autographs and pose for pictures and to just hang out and enjoy the moment!

       Gemini Syndrome just finished their tour with Sevendust and Red Sun Rising, but they are already gearing up for the Not-So-Silent Night Tour 2016 with Drowning Pool, 9Electric, and Red Tide Rising kicking off in late November. For more information and updates concerning Gemini Syndrome we have some links provided below for your convenience,


       We would like to thank Aaron Nordstrom for his setting aside some time for us to do a small interview and giving us some insight to the future plans and goals of Gemini Syndrome.

       We would also like to thank Gemini Syndrome for their performance,and the Marquee Theatre and their staff for their hospitality and hosting tonight’s events, as well as all the other people who came together to make tonight happen, thank you all!

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave

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