Game of Thrones Live Experience at Gila River Arena Show Coverage

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience
Brandy Isadora


On Wednesday September 12th, thousands of fans arrived at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona to watch the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience featuring world-renowned composer, Ramin Djawadi. Some of the fans came dressed as their favorite character, most notably Jon Snow. The excitement among the audience continued to build even before the concert began. Djawadi toured through Phoenix last year, but, with a new season and additional arrangements made specially for this tour, fans knew they could expect another spectacular musical event.

The concert wasn’t just about playing songs from the popular television show. This event was about creating an experience to transport the audience into the world of George R. R. Martin, where there are dragons, magic, and epic battles. Just before the music began, Queen Cersei’s cold and austere voice filled the arena, welcoming the audience to the show. The concert followed a chronological order, which included some of the most notable songs from each season. As Djawadi conducted the symphony, a large projector screen played the scenes that coincided with the music. The arena erupted in cheers when they saw their favorite characters on the big screen. In addition to a projector screen, special effects such as fire, fog, and simulated snow falling from the ceiling were also used to create an atmosphere. During one of the songs, the solo violinist was lifted several feet into the air, with her long white gown cascading to the floor and red rose petals falling gently around her.

Djawadi is no stranger to creating music scores for television and film. In addition to composing for the GoT series, he has written the music for “West World,” “Pacific Rim,” and “Iron Man” to name a few. One of his many strengths is that he composes music that is both memorable and fits well with what is playing on the screen. A perfect example of this is “You know Nothing,” which plays during Jon Snow’s scene with his first love, Ygritte. The music is eerie and romantic and it reflects the complexity in their ill-fated relationship.

During the concert Djawadi took a few moments to explain his process for writing the material for the television series. He even took a break from conducting the symphony to demonstrate his versatility as a musician, by playing the guitar and the hammer dulcimer. Other lesser known instruments that were highlighted in the performance were the tabla, a percussive instrument, and the Armenian duduk, which is most like the oboe. At the end of the evening, Djawadi thanked the audience and the concert concluded with a memoriam to all the characters who had been killed off the show.

Few television series have music scores that could stand on its own. Though Djawadi’s work adds an important texture to the show, listeners can appreciate his music without any visuals. While GoT fans are despairing that there is only one more season left, they can at least get some consolation that the Game of Thrones Live Experience will be back with another incredible performance and new material from the final season.

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