gallows bound coverage jan 2016


On Jan 31, 2016 I had the pleasure in heading out to the Rhythm Room in Phx, AZ for a show. I set out to catch Gallows Bound. So being this is my first time to this venue I decide to head out a little early and scope the place out. Got to the venue checked in and ordered a drink and looked around a bit. I have to say it’s a smaller venue but I liked it, and I felt it was perfect for this style of music.


So with showing up a little early I had the chance to catch one of the opener bands. Tim Vee was the name and it is a little 2 piece with Karen and Tim. Not my usual music style of listening but I enjoyed this little 2 piece group and you all should check them out.






Up next for me was Gallows Bound, a nice 6 piece band. I wondered how they all were going to fit on this stage with all of them and the instruments they have, but they managed to do it. With it bing a punk bluegrass style of music it had a nice twist to it. I think I was picturing everyone on stage in straw hats and wearing some dirty overalls all night. I guess that’s just what I picture when I hear this style of music. All and all it was a great set, fast paced and rocked out to some great tunes.



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