From Ashes to New: “The Future” Album Review

From Ashes to New – “The Future” (Better Noise Records)
By: Tom Hanno


From Ashes to New, from Lancaster, PA, are a Rock/Alternative/Metal mixed with rap group that are set to release their second major album, The Future. I remember when their first record dropped, it was called Day One, and there was an enormous buzz around the band. I followed them on Twitter and Facebook, and was delighted to find how humble they were, and that the interaction with their fans was truly amazing. Now, with the release of this new album, I expect that they will up their game even further, especially with how amazing this record is!!

“Crazy” is my favored track on the record. I really connected with the lyrics, “Am I going Crazy?, yeah I think you made me. Cuz I hate the way that you make me feel, am I going crazy?”; those words hit home for me in a big way. The acoustic guitar, the vocals, the lyrics, and every little thing about this track is perfect!!

The album opener is called “Wake Up”, and is a perfect way to open the record. There is a very real Linkin Park influence, think Hybrid Theory-era, and is a great example of all the things this band does so well. I love the heavy guitars, and the Hollywood Undead vibe that these guys have!

“Broken” opens up with a serious techno vibe due to the synths, and then kicks into that metallic rap hybrid that From Ashes to New is so damned good at. The heavy guitars flow so nicely alongside the vocals, and the melodies are unforgettable, and eternally sing-able!!!

“The Future” closes out the album in superb style. The flow of the vocals is absolutely infectious, and the low-key music makes the vocals stand out even more!! This is a very powerful track, lyrically and musically as well. This could be the bands mission statement as far as I’m concerned, and is more than likely exactly how they see it as well!

On 4/20 this album drops onto the publics heads, and what a drop it is. I love this album, and I’m sure than fans of groups like Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead will also find themselves unable to stop playing it. So look out, because From Ashes to new is The Future of this genre!!!


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