FOZZY – Judas Rising Tour At Marquee Theatre

On March 8th 2018, Fozzy stopped off in Tempe, AZ at the Marquee Theatre while on their Judas Rising Tour. Fozzy, headlining the tour also had supporting help of the likes of Dark Sky Choir, Santa Cruz and Through Fire.

The show was a powerhouse event in which people that did not attend or thought of going an didn’t, you missed out. All the bands mentioned earlier had amazing showmanship, melodic sounds, fast guitar riffs and camaraderie that showed in the laughs and teasing of each other on stage.

Dark Sky Choir one of the early opening bands shot on stage with an amazing set of shredding metal and vocals that would stick with you for days. Their set was short but to the point but you could see the fans agree collectively with what they saw and heard from all the screaming and devil horns that filled the venue when Dark Sky Choir finished their set.

Santa Cruz with a throw back sound from the head of hair era mixed with the attitude of post-hardcore bands definitely put on a show for the crowd. With an amazing set of fast paced melodic music and solos that demand your attention, you would think you were transported back to the 80’s.

Fozzy, the band of the night, was what made the crowd explode. They started their set with the band running out on stage taking their marks and hit the crowd with the song “Judas”. The crowd amazed by the showmanship and the light work, couldn’t help resist screaming, jumping and throwing the horns into the air. Fozzy’s set consisted of songs such as “Drinkin with Jesus”, “Sin and Bones”, “Burn Me Out”, “Do You Wanna Start a War”, “Enemy” and “Sandpaper”.

This was one of those shows where everything went unexpectedly amazing, the fans that came out and supported the bands were shown appreciation through the amazing sets. This was definitely an amazing night of music that left everyone attending, content.

FOZZY, Photos By: Julius Aguilar

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Santa Cruz, Photos By: Julius Aguilar

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Dark Sky Choir, Photos By: Julius Aguilar

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FOZZY, Photos By: Adam Messler

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