Fire From The Gods – Narrative Retold – Album Review

13 tracks, 2 discs
By: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


A genius rollercoaster of emotions packed into a new album by File From the Gods, titled “Narrative” and “Narrative Retold”. Total, there are 2 discs, 13 tracks, featuring an acoustic and studio version of song, “Excuse Me”. The album has a mix of various influences incorporated but they still are conquering with their unique fiery Metal elements. Inclusively bringing rap, metal, and rock, with strong quality, dynamics, articulations, and rudiments for days, a masterpiece is presented. They have the aggression yet emotive and charming cleans of Of Mice & Men, however they have the energy of Asking Alexandria (Death to Destiny era), to add onto their hardcore rockin’ rap-like style, similar to Papa Roach.



Common themes of brutal honesty, agony, reflection of the past, alongside prominent empowerment within self and bad-ass content! Just to touch upon a few highlights, the first track is quite the zinger- titled “Public Enemy”. At first impression, the vocals were a bit too rough with a slight rasp to it, however the cleans were stunning (hinting at the chorus). Not to mention that the gang vocals were everything you could want and more! They were full, loud, charismatic, and puissant. It was stylistically similar to Attila and Asking Alexandria (Death to Destiny era). The third track, “Excuse Me”, was another shining star! It discusses the importance of controversial subjects and the anxious thoughts it brings within us. From feeling under pressure to feeling like the world is now a place you don’t belong, it is a call for action to bring back the comfort. But not only is it a cry to act, but a resilient reminder of maintaining composure and strength in tough times- “try to drain my energy, but you cannot keep me down”. “Excuse Me” is also featured on disc two, “Narrative Retold” as an acoustic version. Track five, or “Evolve” was quite a game-changer. Orchestral elements, emotions and dynamics within the vocals flawlessly mirroring the desperation within the lyrics, and a mighty moral of the story might just have us sold! Raising the questions, “Are we all blind, why can’t we all see?”, one may be able to reflect upon their personal evolution; which leads us to the inquiries of “will you play the game will you follow the leader?”.



Fire From the Gods seem to be leaders in a world full of followers. Rating this gem a 9 out of 10- give it a listen! “Narrative” and “Narrative Retold” are ready to play the album to your life story.


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