Fear Factory Coverage May 2016 at Marquee Theatre

        Soundwave Brigade.com is very excited to present to you our coverage of Fear Factory at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona on May 6th, 2016 as we join our fellow fans as we welcome Fear Factory to the stage to celebrate the Demanufacture 20th Anniversary Tour!

       The band was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989 under the name Ulceration, and in 1990 they would adopt the name “Fear Factory” to reflect their innovative sound and style that mixes Industrial and Metal genres. With their first release of Soul of New Machine in 1992, Fear Factory began carving out their own unique brand of music. In 1995, the band grabbed the attention of metalheads and video game junkies when their iconic release of their second album Demanufacture, with “Zero Signal” from the aforementioned album being featured on the soundtrack to the major motion picture release of Mortal Kombat a couple of months later. The icing on the cake for Fear Factory was that in the movie, “Zero Signal” can be heard during the fight scene between Scorpion and Johnny Cage.

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       Fear Factory, in their history of over two decades have continued to deliver their signature sound and style with crushing intense rapid Drums, Guitar, and Bass sequences followed by the distinctive harsh and clean vocal range of Bell. Since their beginning, the band has pushed forward with their hybrid musical style and lyrical content focusing on science fiction fueled content that span throughout their discography of nine studio albums to date. The music of Fear Factory has been featured in numerous movies and video games over the years, and they have shared the stage with many notable metal acts from all over the world over the continuing course of their career.

       Tonight, with founding members Burton C. Bell (Lead Vocals) and Dino Cazares (Guitars), with Tony Campos on Bass (formerly from Static-X, Ministry, Soulfly), and Mike Heller of Malignancy and System Divide on Drums have come to deliver what Fear Factory fans have named as their masterpiece……they have come to perform Demanufacture in it’s entirety.

       With the band taking the stage Burton comes to the mic and says, “Make some noise Tempe…this is Demanufacture”, and Fear Factory opens their show with the title track of Demanufacture!

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       Fans have come to the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona to hear one of their favorite classic albums from Fear Factory played live in it’s entirety, and like most fans here…. it has been a 21 year wait. With Dino on stage armed with his signature Ibanez clad in the Demanufacture album cover, the fans were waiting for “Zero Signal”, and when the song began, the crowd showed it’s love with a roar of approval, followed by loud cheers and whistles.

       Performing classics such as “Self Bias Resistor”, “Dog Day Sunrise”, and “Pisschrist” from an album that has been regarded as ahead of it’s time and to this day, still a groundbreaking innovative piece of music. With Bell performing with his distinctive vocals, was very visible and engaging with the audience and coming to the edge of the stage as often as possible. Tony Campos from the beginning was eager to get on with this show, with his Bass in hand he ripped into Fear Factory’s catalog of music throughout the entire set. Cazares was also constant with exchanging sides of the stage with Tony so the fans could see him and he could see them in return as he shredded his Guitar with that distinct Fear Factory style. With Mike Heller behind the Drum kit adorned with Demanufacture imagery was hard to see him, but no one could miss those raging Drum sequences that have become a staple of Fear Factory’s style.

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       After the final song of Demanufacture ended, Fear Factory wasn’t done with their show just yet! Burton comes forward and after a short speech and with a thank you to the crowd for their support, Fear Factory continues on with “Soul Hacker”, and “Regenerate” from the latest album Genexus. For over an hour and a half of Fear Factory performing an epic set and for their finale, they closed their show with “Edgecrusher” from their 1998 release of Obsolete with members of Spades and Blades coming onstage to join in on the performance!

       Fear Factory gave an all out show for those who came out here tonight for the Demanufacture 20th Anniversary Tour, and the Band loves their fans and before the show they held a meet and greet for their fans. We at Soundwave Brigade.com came here to cover this show, and we have lots of pictures for you to enjoy and as a bonus we even have an interview for you to check out with Dino Cazares, and we would like to thank Dino for taking some time to sit down with us. So as always we invite you all to check out our coverage.

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       With the end of the North American Demanufacture Tour, Fear Factory will be going back out on tour in June for the RegeneraTour in Australia, and to South Africa to do some more shows for the Demanufacture 20th Anniversary Tour. You can also be on the lookout for Burton and Dino as they will be appearing for photos and autographs during the 2016 Comicpalooza at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX on the 17-19 of June. Fear Factory is going to very busy this Summer so for more information we have some links below for you to keep track and follow Fear Factory!




        Soundwave Brigade.com would like to thank Fear Factory and their crew for such an awesome show and it was a real honor to be able to cover them and for setting aside some time for an interview. We also would like to thank the staff of the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona for hosting the show!

Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex at Soundwave Brigade.com.

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