Fame On Fire Release New Single “Another One”

Bryan, Blake, and Alex all grew up as neighbors next to each other in South Florida. Alex and Blake started jamming together between the ages 13-14 all while Bryan was also playing in bands at the same age. They went to the same schools, played sports together, and then it wasn’t until they were about to graduate high school that they got together and formed their first band collectively called You Set Aside. They had played as that band for about 2 years, playing every local venue every single weekend. These are the years that they developed loyalty and trust in each oth


Bryan and Blake decided to move to Orlando where they had built a home studio for recording. Alex wanted to start doing Drum Covers on youtube and chose to start with Unconditionally by Katy Perry. Blake managed to throw some guitar work on it and they decided to have a vocalist sing on the track, with no one around we asked Bryan if he wanted to and even though he was reluctant at first he did it and it came out the way you see it on YouTube now. The response was unbelievable and they all decided to come back and create this new sound with catchy melodies, pop song structure, and mix it with our heavy/rhythmic patterns. They developed their sound and their audiences ear to a sound that we call Fame On Fire. They moved back down to South Florida (hometown) and Bryan started recording more and more artists using the equipment they acquired when building their first studio. Needing an engineer and partner in crime Bryan ended up meeting with fellow engineer Paul Spirou. Paul was playing guitar in a different band but was always around Fame On Fire as they did new videos and songs. It came to a point where they didn’t have a solid bass player and at the time and we were about to start shooting a new cover video (The Hills Cover) they asked Paul if he would want to be in the video. He said yes, and it went so well that Paul became part of the band. They have found their final 4 and we have a very strong core in which we all share the same vision and goals that we all want to achieve in this journey with Fame On Fire.

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