Fall Out Boy At Talking Stick Arena

Photos By: Julius Aguilar

Fall Out Boy – Mania Tour

From floating stages to pyrotechnics and background images/videos of Uma Thurman; Fall Out Boy ends their Mania tour, at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday November 18th 2017, with an amazing show. As thousands of fans gathered for the evening in anticipation for what was in store to be played; Patrick Stump, lead guitar and vocalist, rises from underneath the stage like a Phoenix being reborn from the ash to the track “The Phoenix.” The show took fans for a trip down memory lane, playing songs such as “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”, “Dance, Dance” and “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race.”

Fans and followers were not disappointed, based on the sea of light from their phones waving in the air and harmonic singing echoing the arena when the main stage light lowered as Patrick played piano for the track “Young and Menace” from their new album “MA N  I  A”. Engaging the crowd, Pete Wentz, bassist, lifts his bass guitar and spontaneous shots of fire shoot up from behind the band, exciting and inciting loud cheers from the crowd. Mid-show the drummer, Andy Hurley plays a fierce drum solo as he rises from the middle of the arena taking flight with guitarist Joe Trohman assisting him then following Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz.

All in all, Fall Out Boy did not disappoint, being the last show of their tour it was full of excitement, not just from the crowd but from the band as well. Their tour titled album Mania comes out in January of 2018, so make sure to pick yourself up a copy.

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

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