EXCUSES EXCUSES Premiere New Music Video ‘The Outsider’

Offer Free Download ‘The Outsider’ via PureGrainAudio

New EP ‘Frame of Mind’ Out Nov 25th

Show Dates:

Nov 12 – Kingston, ON – The Mansion – info

Ontario punk rockers Excuses Excuses will be releasing their debut EP ‘Frame of Mind’ on November 25th and before it drops they are premiering their new music video ‘The Outsider’

The band comments:

“‘The Outsider’ is an anthem to those who sit outside of the social norm. It speaks of living life to please oneself, rather than relying on other people’s acceptance. Never let others get in the way of your success. In the video we took a bit of quirky spin on this idea by using the character of the bear to symbolize an obvious outsider from our society. The bear experiences the process of rejection, determination, perseverance, and finally success to demonstrate the ideal of achieving his dreams.”

The trio is also offering fans a FREE download of the track exclusively via PureGrainAudio.com at the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/excuses-excuses-the-outsider-free-song-download

‘The Outsider’ is one of 5 on the band’s debut EP that focuses largely on events and experiences from their teenage years touching on topics of drug use, family/personal matters, loss, and the uncertain future. The words “frame of mind” discusses the perception of one’s own life experiences and retrospectively looking at it. Holding a mirror up to the worst aspects of one’s life, the EP encourages people to seek different perspectives to attain a better understanding.


1. The Outsider (3:41)
2. Alibis (3:59) [Stream]
3. Rewind! (3:33) [Stream]
4. Frame of Mind (3:43)
5. (Is That) What You Meant (4:36)
EP Length: 19:34

For more info, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialExcusesExcuses.

Excuses Excuses is a punk rock n’ roll three piece that refuse to listen to any more lies by promising to live an honest life through their music in Oshawa, ON just on the the outskirts of Canada’s Music Capitol Toronto, ON. The band is calling for people to take responsibility for their actions and Kyle (vocals, guitar, ex-Stained Glass Army), Trevor (bass, ex-Stained Glass Army), and Jay (drums) write thoughtful anthems. Since February 2016 the band has been developing their own version of punk rock inspired by bands like Green Day, Billy Talent, and Foo Fighters.

Kyle lights a spark for the band by crafting the initial melodies and structure for each song and brings it back to the team to craft the final details. Their goal is to write timeless material that speaks to disenfranchised outliers that are seeking solace through lyrical poetry and catchy riffs. Excuses Excuses write songs that are destined to be performed live with an emotive and captivating show that focuses on the crowd and ensuring their enjoyment until the last song.

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