Everyone Dies In Utah: Premieres Video For “X”

One of the biggest struggles that people often face these days is mental health. The stigma attached to suffering from depression forced many to deal with the affects quietly and deal with things without talking about it. Thankfully, things are changing and it’s now understood how important it is to talk about mental health in the open and showing people that they aren’t alone.

Everyone Dies in Utah recently released their powerful latest single, “X,” that was inspired by a loved one’s personal struggle with depression. Vocalist Danny Martinez was inspired by his fiancee’s battle and doing his best to support her in any way that he can. He shared the inspiration behind the title of the song that ties the theme of the song together, “It stands for a variable, like in math. In math, we’re always trying to solve for “X” and to me it seems like depression itself is a variable that it sometimes hard to solve for or figure out.”

EDIU has always been a band that is grateful for their fans and love getting them involved in their videos. In the past, they’ve had fans send in videos of their track and included the footage in the official (directed and produced by Guitarist Dustin Dow) video along with Martinez’s fiancee who inspired the track. For this video that the band is proud to premiere over at Alternative Press, they asked fans to send in pictures themselves or loved ones that struggle with depression. The band was met with an overwhelming response when they shared with fans they wanted them to be a part of the video, Martinez explained, “When we announced that we were wanting to use pictures of our fans and friends that are going through these kind of things, I was messaged by one of our fans and he told me about when he started to recover from self harming. One of the methods he used was whenever he had an urge to hurt himself he would get a sharpie and draw an X on himself instead. He said that it was a great method and hasn’t gone back to harming himself since.”

Music is an extremely powerful art that can get people talking or through the hard times. EDIU acknowledges this and hopes that the track can be a tool when their fans are battling demons of their own. Martinez added, “I really hope this song reaches people in away that bring hope and light back into their lives and shows them that they aren’t alone. We’re always here for our fans and are always here for anyone who needs someone.”

Having wrapped up their recent dates on Warped Tour, the band looks forward to working on more new music and hitting the road. Keep your eyes on the band’s social media so you don’t miss any new announcements.

Everyone Dies in Utah is an American metal band from Temple, Texas. Formed in 2008 by Danny Martinez and Dustin Dow. The name of the band began as a joke, but stuck with them as time went on. It derives from the fact that the death rate in Utah was at one time higher than any other state. Everyone Dies In Utah consists of Danny Martinez (Lead Vocals, Screams), Trey Golden (Keys, Synth), Nathan Chase-Meadows (Drums), Daniel Tharp (Bass), Brandon Allen (guitar) and Dustin Dow (guitar).

Everyone Dies In Utah has attracted a loyal fan base from their self-released EP (“I Hope You Know This Means War”), four full length albums (“Seeing Clearly”, “Polarities”, “Neutral Ground” and their InVogue Records debut self-titled album). The band takes pride in being accessible to their fans and, in turn, tour extensively so they can create deeper connections with their audience. They’ve shared the stage and tour with well-known names like Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Affiance, Sirens and Sailors, Alesana, and Suicide Silence.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the band and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Their newest single “X” is the follow up to their InVogue Records self titled was released on May 31, 2018. (The exact 10th anniversary of the band’s first ever show)

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