EVE 6 Coverage At Pub Rock Live

      Starting Leg 2 of their headlining tour, EVƎ 6, an American rock band from Southern California, who are most well known for their hit singlesInside Out” and “Here’s to the Night” performed here in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Pub Rock Live on July 20th, 2016. They will be traveling to cities like Colorado Springs, Billings in MT, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and many more all through to September.

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      I can’t name many bands that started back in the 90’s much less that were formed in their teenage years and still now over 20 years later still have ALL original band members. Max Collins: bass and lead vocalist, Jon Siebels: guitar and backup vocals, and Nick Myers: drums were all tearing up the stage and I must say they still have that teenage spunk that they had when they first started even if now they are “middle-aged men” as Collins so lightly pointed out.

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      Soundwave Brigade was there to cover this SOLD OUT show. Lines were wrapped around the plaza, people were hyped to see this amazing band and a hell of a show it was. The energy, the atmosphere, the liveliness and everything about it brought me back to the times when I used to work at Blockbuster and at closing time we would listen to the EVƎ 6 album and blast “Inside Out”. The thrill and the excitement of the crowd singing to the words were contagious and caught on pretty quickly throughout the venue.

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      These guys have been through a lot and the years haven’t brought them down. Here is to many more years and hopefully a new album. Thank you to EVƎ 6 for allowing Soundwave Brigade to cover an amazing show.

Written and Photographed by:

Beverly Shumway a.k.a AZ Snapz

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