Element_a440 signs with Monsterman Records!!

The time has come for Monsterman Records to expand beyond just being a independent label started by Doyle to release “Abominator”. With the Label Signing and Distribution deal with EMP Label Group who will not only release AS WE DIE, the upcoming sophomore LP from DOYLE, but distribute all releases for the guitarist’s label MONSTERMAN RECORDS.

I GIVE YOU element a440 our first signing !!!! I’ve known Halo for a good 10 years and he’s one hard working Musician. I’ve always loved the Band but the line up and Live show they have right now has put them over the top ! The music keeps getting better and the new cd that is being recorded right now will blow your mind ! Were looking for a summer 2017 release . If you haven’t caught a Element a440 show you should !! 3 songs in they got the room 100% connected . This spring Doyle will be touring the USA and you can believe Element a440 will be there !!

Check em out let me know what you think …..



check out their 2013 release on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/whips-knives-candles-quills/id602511673

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  1. I have been following them for a very long time. I fell in love with them on the spot. This is a long overdue accolade and I am sure that they will be an international band in no time.