Eagle Rider Music Fest 2016 Coverage

       Music Watchdog.com is honored with the privilege of covering the first Eagle Rider Music Fest here in Tempe, Arizona at EagleRider Motorcycles. A two day event of live music, motorcycles, booze, vendors, and seven bands performing with proceeds benefiting the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization with their mission to help meet the spiritual, economical, physical, and social needs of teenagers in our community with enriching the lives of teens through music, dance, and self expression.


     For more information regarding the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization,

please visit, https://alicecoopersolidrock.com/

       Here we begin with the first day of the festival with Rock, leather and chrome, and the rumbling of engines and drums! Performing for us tonight will be Matrix, Slaughter, and Great White!


       The music begins here with Matrix the first act at the first Eagle Rider Music Fest at EagleRider Motorcycles, here in Tempe, Arizona!

       Matrix is a local Rock band, coming from Phoenix, Arizona. Forming in 2014 with Danny Pettit (Lead Vocals), Kenny Ball (Drums), Brian Buzard (Guitar), and Pete Oliphant (Bass). Their sound and style are heavily influenced by Rock and early Metal of the 70’s and 80’s with thundering drums, intense guitar and bass riffs and licks, and Danny has a powerful sharp vocal style.


       Matrix has a debut album Chosen Few, that was released back in November, 2015 with a CD release party at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, AZ.  

       Opening with one of their originals “Day by Day”, Matrix welcomes everyone here to start this evening’s concert with their fusion of Rock musical style, with Danny, Pete, and Brian coming out to the edge to welcome everyone to their show. Danny calling for the crowd to howl as Brian comes out on stage to stomping down in unison with drum beats from Kenny, and then to the edge of the stage to start into his riff of their cover of “Howl” by Beware of Darkness.


       Performing a mix of original material such as  “Chosen Few” followed by covers like “Steeler” by Judas Priest, and “Immigration Song” by Led Zeppelin, and Danny sure has the voice to do justice to those songs of old. Pete with his bass was very visible along with Brian coming out to get down on stage and Danny as well, there was no missing that Matrix was having a good ol’ time themselves here at EagleRider Motorcycles tonight!

       They laid down an awesome set with a great mixture of cover songs as well as their own material, and Matrix….you guys rocked! Music Watchdog shot video of their performance of “Don’t Cry” from off of their album Chosen Few, so we invite you to watch our video and view our photos of Matrix!


Are you interested in Matrix? They have another show here at EagleRiders Motorcycles on May 12,2016 for more information on that you can go to http://www.eagleridermusicfest.com/.


They can be found at these links posted below,





       It’s time for the second act of this evening’s show with Hard Rock veterans from the good ol’ days of MTV’s glory days……It’s time for Slaughter to ROCK!

       Slaughter forming in 1988 and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and reaching stardom in 1990 with their first album Stick It To Ya, which spawned several hit singles including “Up All Night”, “Spend My Life”, “Mad About You” and “Fly to the Angels”. The album reached double platinum status in the United States. The band remains a steady act in national tours, mainly in the Rock Never Stops Tour which features several bands of the same era. With releasing five studio albums, 2 live albums, 2 compilation albums, 2 home videos, and a list of singles, and multiple lineup changes, Slaughter continues to Rock on!


      Tonight Slaughter comprises of founding member Mark Slaughter (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), and fellow founding member Dana Strum (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Jeff Blando (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), with Zoltan Chaney (Drums).

        They begin their show with Blando coming onstage and welcoming the crowd with the growling, screaming guitar intro and joining in are Strum and Chaney, with Mark coming out on stage and pulling the mic from it’s stand and saying ”What’s Up Arizonaaa!”, while walking out to the edge of the stage to greet the audience. After slapping the hands of the fans at the front of the stage, Slaughter begins their set with “The Wild Life”, followed by “Burning Bridges”.


       Slaughter wasted no time throughout their performance to interact with the crowd, with Mark, Dana, and Jeff continuously going to edge of the stage to perform solos and jam right there at the front of the stage and in the faces of their fans, and if Zoltan could find a way to destroy his drums and run out to edge of the stage to interact with the crowd at the same time …..he would do it! The rumors of Zoltan Chaney’s drum performances are not rumor they are true!

       Slaughter on stage and live is definitely a wild ride, with playing songs from their past such as “Spend My Life”, and “Real Love”, and of course playing their timeless classic of “Fly to the Angels”. They closed their hard hitting,intense show with “Up All Night”, and with a final “Thank You!” to the crowd, Slaughter exits the stage through the loud cheer and applause.


       A truly epic show, with many memorable moments during the entire set by Mark, Jeff, Dana, and  especially Zoltan just…well…going nuclear on his drums! Slaughter proving again that they know how to ROCK!, in fact they rocked so hard that the bass was so intense that it was too much for the mics on our video equipment to handle, so it is with immeasurable regret that Music Watchdog will not be posting our video footage, but as always we take lots of pictures to share with you!

       For any more information on Slaughter you can go to http://www.slaughterusa.com/ for more details about their music and any other anouncements.



       Tonight closing the show of Day 1 of the Eagle Rider Music Fest  is another veteran of the Rock / Hard Rock golden era of music videos,….. we welcome Great White to the stage!

       Great White is a Hard Rock band that began in Los Angeles, California in 1977 as Dante Fox then changing their name to Great White in 1981. Gaining popularity in the 80’s and early 90’s with MTV airing many of the band’s videos during that era, reaching their peak popularity in 1989 with the album …Twice Shy. The album was certified Double Platinum in September 1989.


       Great White has continued on with highs and lows and sadly, tragedy over the course of their 39 year history as a band. In 2011, the band underwent a lineup change with the split of original lead singer Jack Russell and singer Terry Ilous (of XYZ) stepping in as the new frontman of Great White.

       With a catalog of 11 studio albums, and their 2012 release of Elation, which is the first album to feature Ilous on vocals, and Terry is still fronting XYZ as well. Tonight here in Tempe, Great White takes the stage with Terry Ilous (Lead Vocals), with founding member Mark Kendall (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), Audie Desbrow (Drums), Scott Snyder (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Michael Lardie (Guitar, Keyboards, Backup Vocals).

DSC00527 (Large)

       Showing their experience as veteran musicians and performers, they welcome the crowd of fans before them with equal admiration and gratitude, as they begin their performance. While playing a mix of songs from their years of making music, performing much appreciated classics such as “Step On You”, “All Over Now”, and “Save Your Love”. Mark,Terry, Michael, and Scott periodically coming to the edge of the stage to interact with their fans, and Ilous is a gentleman and appreciative showman as you can witness in our video footage of “Face the Day”.

      Showing their experience of rocking the stage with a variety of styles of rock and even the blues Great White delivers an awesome live show and Terry at one point taking a moment with the crowd to take a trip down memory lane with their fans of the good ol’ days of rock music and citing some of the other bands of that time frame with their own appreciation. With ending their show they display their love and thanks to the audience as the exit the stage with equal love and cheer from the fans. Great White, rocked and displays a showmanship of an era that is still loved, and not forgotten.


       Music Watchdog is very grateful to have been able to cover their performance here tonight and as always we invite you all to view our photo and video coverage of tonight’s show, and as an added bonus we also have a phone interview with Mark Kendall for you to listen too as well!

       Great White continues to perform and create music with the hope of recording a new album in their plans as well as currently being out on tour for the next couple of months and will be joining other great Rock acts while out on the road. So if you want to keep track of Great White, we have some links for you down below.






       At the end of Day 1 of the Eagle Rider Music Fest, with Matrix, Slaughter, and Great White all contributing to an awesome night of Rock n’ Roll…and it was a great show and a great lineup of bands here in Tempe. With music, a lot of beautiful bikes and some that were more of a work of art on wheels. We at Music Watchdog met a lot of great people here tonight, from the staff of EagleRider Motorcycles, to the event staff, and vendors, and of course some of the bands!

       A great kickoff to this 2 day fest here in the East Valley in support of the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization and we at Music Watchdog.com had an awesome time here and hope that you enjoy our coverage of Day 1 and stay tuned for our continued coverage of Day 2!

Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex of Music Watchdog.com.


Throughout the show we did some walking around as well to the vendors and just checking the place out.. Here are a couple of shots of that as well 🙂

DSC00161 (Large)

DSC00164 (Large)

DSC00159 (Large)

       Here we are at the second day of the Eagle Rider Music Fest in Tempe, Arizona for another day of rumbling motorcycles, live music, camaraderie, and to party for a good cause. Today there will be a chance to win a few guitars signed by Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl, and by Alice Cooper and the proceeds will benefit Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, a nonprofit organization with a mission of showing our valley teens the positive aspects of music, art, dance, and to challenge teens to discover their creativity.


       Earlier in the day, Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl took part and lead the Chain Saw Charity Ride for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, riding from Phoenix to EagleRider Motorcycles here in Tempe.


       Today and into the night we have Analog Outlaws, CO-OP, Christopher Shayne, And Jackyl here to perform!

DSC00703 (Large)

      Today, kicking off the start of the musical entertainment is Analog Outlaws from Scottsdale, Arizona. The band is a quartet of local teens with Eddie Eberle  (Age 15, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Alex Cantu (Age 14, Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), “Jam” James Murray (Age 19, Bass, Backup Vocals), and Christian Champion (Age 15, Drums).


       They classify themselves as an Alternative Rock band that developed their sound and style from the alternative music scene of the 90’s, being influenced by such bands as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Bush, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. Forming in 2013, Eddie, Alex, and Christian came together as students of the Scottsdale School of Rock, and with their first debut on stage at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix as a live act. Analog Outlaws has been steadily gaining momentum with their endeavors such as placing second in the 2014 Alice Cooper’s Proof Is In The Pudding contest, bassist “Jam’’ joined Analog Outlaws two months before winning 1st place at the same event in 2015!

DSC00699 (Large)


       Analog Outlaws takes the stage with a focused, yet eager demeanor as they welcome those who have gathered around the stage area as they open their set with “You Belong Here”, a song that is yet to be released. Eddie, the lead singer has a very comfortable and friendly stage presence for someone who has yet to graduate High School. Their second song was a flashback to the 90’s with a cover of Bush’s “Machinehead”, an interesting choice for Analog Outlaws for they did an awesome job and obviously enjoyed performing it!


       Their youthful excitement is clearly seen as all the band members perform and Christian’s drumming comes off as a lay and wait attack method of smooth and fast rapid drum sequences, as “Jam” the oldest member, has a rhythmic “get down” style when on stage. Alex Cantu shows some real skill in being the youngest member, and filling the role of Lead Guitar. Music Watchdog shot some video of their next song, “When Sparks Fly” which is also a yet to be released song and we invite you to see it for yourselves as well as enjoy our photo coverage.

DSC00686 (Large)

       Analog Outlaws delivered an energetic show with a mix of originals such as “Alter Ego”, and “Searching For Myself” off of their latest EP Still Searching. They also performed another 90’s classic “Got You (Where I Want You)” by The Fly’s, and fellow 90’s classic of “Hey Jealousy” from Arizona’s own Gin Blossoms. Finishing their set with “Armageddon”, from their first EP Echoes In My Head.


       The valley of the sun has a lot a young, skilled talent here in our local music scene as Analog Outlaws proves with having already releasing 2 EP’s, and with Summer approaching with their Summer break from school, they have already have plans in the works. Analog Outlaws has ten new tracks that they plan to record and then release, as well as exploring a possible Southwest tour.

DSC00714 (Large)

       Analog Outlaws, which is is currently involved with and performing today to support the Alice Cooper Solid Rock organization and The Rock Teen Center, and they did a great job out there!


       For more information regarding Analog Outlaws, they have a Facebook page, as well as their own website and here are some links below for you to check them out at.





DSC00841 (Large)


       The second act today of day 2 of the Eagle Rider Music Fest is CO-OP another local band from Phoenix, Arizona. We at Music Watchdog had just recently covered CO-OP at Cooper’stown the previous Saturday, and here again representing our local music scene and performing in support of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization and The Rock Teen Center, which is where CO-OP practices.


       CO-OP is a Hard Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that would describe their sound as “Desert Hard Rock”. The band consists of Dash Cooper (Lead Vocals), Court Stumpf (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Kolby Peoples (Guitar), Justin Swartzentruber (Bass), and Mark Savale (Drums). Dash Cooper, and Mark Savale,met early in their childhood and soon became close friends. As they grew up, they each began developing their own individual passion for music.

DSC00835 (Large)


       They played locally around Phoenix, but it wasn’t until they added lead guitarist Court Stumpf in 2012 that the band started building what would eventually become CO-OP. The band most recently added Justin Swartzentruber on bass, and the young Kolby Peoples on rhythm guitar to finalize the quintet that performs around the valley.


       CO-OP has been apart of many notable shows since their formation, but December of 2015 was a high point for them when they played at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Az while opening for Motley Crue and Alice Cooper. The largest venue that they have performed at to date, and to be apart of Motley Crue’s final tour was truly an honor for them.

DSC00873 (Large)


       With everything set and ready to go the band begins with “Overdrive”, a wake up call of the sound and rockin’ style of CO-OP. Their sound is influenced by classic rock of the 70’s through the 90’s, their style also incorporates a domino effect of each member starting into their songs in a series of falling in line and teaming up to maintain rhythm and harmony with  dropping out and re-engaging into a change-up with a mix of sound effects through their instruments. With a diverse mixture of sound that coordinate and harmonize with Dash’s vocal style is where CO-OP stands out in their self described “desert rock” style.


       Performing their own material as well as covering “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. With Court and Kolby stepping forward to kick off the song and it was obvious that the band really had a great time performing this 90’s classic.

DSC00801 (Large)

       During their set Music Watchdog was granted permission to shoot video from the platform behind the sound and lighting booth, for which we are very thankful for and we have video of their original song “Low” to share with you so please enjoy.


      With the Arizona sun setting across their backs, CO-OP rocked the stage with material from their 4 track EP,as well as some covers, and soon to be released tracks from their upcoming album. With their welcoming interaction with the crowd, to the high energy, evolving  rhythm of their music, CO-OP’s live show is a wild ride of Rock n’ Roll….CO-OP style!

DSC00887 (Large)


       CO-OP continues to perform around the valley with another show coming up at the third annual Goodyear Lakeside Music Festival in Goodyear, AZ on April 16th and for more information about their upcoming shows and about CO-OP you can find them here at the below listed links.






DSC01124 (Large)

       Now, we are moving forward into the third act of tonight with another Phoenix based band, we welcome Christopher Shayne to the stage!


       Christopher Shayne is the third band today representing Arizona, comprises of Christopher Shayne (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Dave Lansing (Lead Guitar), Mark Blades (Bass), Trevor Hammer (Drums), and Zachary Hughes (Organ, Guitar, Backup Vocals).

DSC01079 (Large)

       The band came to be as Christopher and Dave joining him from their days with Whiskey Six and reinventing themselves with a new incarnation that incorporates a mixture of Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Country, and Desert Rock. Christopher Shayne has released their single “Give A Damn” from the upcoming solo album Turning Stones and is available free for download at  http://www.christophershaynemusic.com/.


       Before the start of today’s music, we at Music Watchdog sat down with the members of the band for a quick interview and had some laughs as well, so please enjoy our time with Christopher Shayne.

DSC01170 (Large)


       Beginning their show,Christopher announces that tonight’s show will be periscoped live and that a film crew will be filming with the aid of a drone as well for an upcoming video. Performing a set of songs from their upcoming album, Christopher Shayne opens with “Rock Show”. With a small drone hovering over the audience, Shayne takes a moment to joke about how the drone displays emotion as it seems to nod at them during its flight. After a few songs the film crew clears off the stage and the drone was interesting to see it flying over the crowd filming with its green marker lights. With Shayne displaying playful humor, the band continues on performing.


       Now with more room on the stage, the band begins to move around more as they interact with the people before them. With good spirits between the band and crowd, Shayne performs one of their personal favorites, a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song”. Music Watchdog recorded their performance of this cover so you can for yourself, that they really had fun playing this with Shayne, Zach, and Dave, coming together as a guitar firing squad to lay down this classic, so please enjoy the video footage.

DSC01040 (Large)

       Christopher Shayne with their brand of Rock and Country fusion did an amazing  job on stage with their humor and warm welcoming nature in entertaining the people here in Tempe tonight. With ending their show and leaving the stage and the crowd in good spirits, as well as themselves as they came out afterwards to hang out and have a good time here tonight too, good job guys!


       Christopher Shayne with their upcoming album of Turning Stones that they plan to release this summer “ish” and currently planning on shooting a music video. The Band has a lot going on for them in the near future, as well as some upcoming shows like on April 22nd in Scottsdale at the Boondocks Patio & Grill and again on May 12th at EagleRider Motorcycles in Tempe.

DSC01177 (Large)

For more information and updates on Christopher Shayne, the have a website for which we have already provided that link earlier in our review and can be found on Facebook so you can find them at https://www.facebook.com/christophershaynemusic, or follow their adventures on twitter at https://twitter.com/chrisshayneband


DSC01274 (Large)

       Final act of tonight and closing the first Eagle Rider Music Fest is Jackyl!


       Jackyl, is an American Hard Rock band from Kennesaw, Georgia that formed in 1991.With their own brand of music and humor, Jackyl has pushed some buttons over their career and has some notable successes and even being recognized by Guinness World Records twice, once setting a record for for playing 100 concerts in 50 days, and another record for performing 21 concerts in a 24-hour period.


       Since their debut release of their self-titled Jackyl album and it’s platinum success, and in 1994 released their second album When Push Comes to Shove, which achieved gold status and also in the same year appeared at Woodstock ‘94 in Saugerties, New York. With a total of seven studio albums released to date, Jackyl keeps going strong ever since the world was introduced to a “chainsaw” solo.

DSC01309 (Large)

       With Jackyl’s current lineup of Jesse James Dupree (Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Gas Powered Chainsaw), Jeff Worley (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), Roman Glick (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Chris Worley (Drums), taking the stage with Dupree and his signature screaming vocals welcoming the crowd here at EagleRider Motorcycles tonight!


       Performing is not a suitable description of Jackyl on stage here, they came to party and hang out with all who came here this evening and treat them as family and friends that they haven’t seen in awhile. With Jackyl throwing out many of their fan favorites such as “Down on Me”, “When Will It Rain”, and “Secret of the Bottle”, along with the many good natured and humored interactions of the band and Jesse between songs. At one point Dupree pointing out to the crowd that he wasn’t in a hurry and asking the audience if they were, to which he was answered with applause and cheers of approval.

DSC01420 (Large)

       With the band and Jesse toasting many times throughout their time on stage, one heartfelt toast went out by Dupree to those who joined him on the benefit ride earlier in the day.   


       On with their show with more of Jackyl and Jesse’s playful humor into their set with  “I Stand Alone” for which Music Watchdog has video of and of course invite you to enjoy, and into their finale of “The Lumberjack”, and yes the chainsaw made an appearance. After the song ends a bar stool was destroyed and the remaining pieces were given to the grateful fans in front of the stage. With this final act of the show, and an announcement that the band will be heading over to the merch booth to sign autographs in a short time, they exit the stage. Jackyl really puts on a show and when you’re in the audience, you’re’ apart of it with the crowd often interacting and singing along with the band and Jackyl showing their appreciation for such involvement from the crowd. Just an awesome display by Jackyl!

DSC01297 (Large)

      Jackyl continues to perform and they have more concerts scheduled in the future across the United States, their next upcoming concert is at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC, on May 21,2016. Jesse and Jackyl can also be seen regularly on TruTv’s hit show Full Throttle Saloon , for more information and updates on Jackyl they can be found here at these links below.





        As Jackyl is leaving the stage Ed Leclere, who has been Master of Ceremonies throughout the 2 day event and promoted the Eagle Rider Music Fest takes the stage for one final event of the night. Ed announces that it’s time to auction off a few signed guitars and the proceeds will benefit the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization.


The auction closes with all signed guitars finding new appreciative owners, and with this final act of support for a good cause, we reach the end of the first Eagle Rider Music Fest.


       Over the course of 2 days here at the first Eagle Rider Music Fest, there was a lot going on here with seven bands performing, and with all the bikes, vendors, and people all joining in on the festivities made the event a wild ride. EagleRider Motorcycles has plans for expanding and improving this event and hosting it annually, as well as putting on more concerts and events in the future. So for more future events you can visit http://www.eagleridermusicfest.com/ for more information, and they have another concert scheduled for May 12, 2016, and we look forward to next year’s fest!


       Music Watchdog.com would like to thank Rick and Julie Hatch and the staff of EagleRider Motorcycles for hosting the event, and Ed Leclere for promoting and being our guide throughout  the event, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and their efforts in our community, the sponsors, vendors, and all who helped put this together, and of course all the bands who performed!


       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex of Music Watchdog.com, and it was our pleasure to be apart of this event and be able to share the experience with all of you……..thank you all!  


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